Team:Beijing United/Fundraising



On the first day that we got together at lab, we started a fundraising plan. According to our plan, we hoped to enhance our classmates and teachers’ understanding of our project, experiments and iGEM. We believed that participating in our fundraising activities would definitely bring about different experiences to our audience.


To better support our fundraising activity, we designed quite a lot of peripheral products around our project-Construction of the engineered S. cerevisiae that Breaks Down Wheat Starch-B. for Alcohol Production, including T-shirt, umbrella, bucket hat, mask and pins.

We decided to hold our fundraising events on the 1st Floor of New Oriental Academy, where we conducted experiments. We found out that most people participating in our activity were very interested in our experiments. Thereafter, our wet team members introduced our project in detail to them. Meanwhile, since our lab is nearby, we also invited teenagers and their families who were interested in our project to experience some simple experiments in our lab. Simultaneously, we publicized our project with the support of PPT to these audiences. In this way, we further promoted our project and iGEM, as well as won great supports from these passionate people.


By helping each other in our team, we successfully raised 1100 RMB as a result. We continued to raise fund for our experiment, our project and our team. In our following charity sales, we continued to promote our team logo, experimental results and other information of our team. Hopefully we obtained good achievement, which was also the most expected result in our heart.


Finally, in our fundraising activities, we not only harvested supporting fund for our project, but also promoted our team, our iGEM project, and synthetic biology among the public audience.