Team:Beijing United/Safety


General safety of our laboratory (NOA Boost To Create Laboratory)

  1. When people entering the laboratory, all staff wear laboratory uniforms, medical masks, rubber gloves, and experiment goggles.

  2. The tip of the liquid gun is for one-time use, not for second use.

  3. Disinfect all experimental equipment and laboratories at the end of the daily experiment.

  4. Do not eat and bring in food and beverages in the laboratory.

  5. Do not bring out the laboratory equipment and reagents.

  6. The experimenter conducts daily temperature checks and keeps social distance as much as possible.

  7. Don't throw away experimental garbage randomly. Classified them then throw them into experiment garbage cans.

  8. Ensure that the laboratory is clean and tidy every day and ensure the ventilation of the laboratory.

In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will consciously maintain social distancing, wear masks, and wash hands frequently in laboratory and classrooms.

In order to ensure the safety of all laboratory experimenters and experiment tools, we strongly agreed and follow the laboratory rules. Our laboratory is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization equipment and high-pressure sterilization equipment. The liquid gun tips and other experimental instruments we used are all sterilized. The waste liquid generated in the experiment is also classified as garbage. After wrapping, put it in a hazardous garbage bin. If anyone touched chemicals by mistake, he/she will wash him/her hands immediately and disinfect immediately. Most importantly, eating is strictly prohibited in the laboratory, and drinks and food are not allowed to be brought into the laboratory.

Material Safety

The yeast used in our project is a common and harmless fungus. The goal of our team is to edit the genetic information of the yeast to make it secrete three enzymes to decompose Wheat-B Starch. This process is almost harmless to the human body. During the experiment, we did PCR experiments for couple times. We used a mildly toxic dye while doing PCR; but at the same time, we paid great attention to the ventilation of the laboratory. The experimenters will also wear experiment goggles, lab coats, masks and a pair of experiment glove (not just ordinary rubber gloves). After the PCR experiment, we will also clear the toxic gel properly in order to avoid environmental pollution.