Team:Beijing United/Collaborations



For our last collaboration, it was with PecTeast team (Official Team Name: Xiamen_city). Surprisingly, we had very similar topics, it is all about alcohols, while they are focusing on fruit wines. Their topic is to find efficient ways to ferment fruits to make wine so that can help the farmers to sell their crops. We had a lot to talk about with each other, including our integrated human practice part, as how we gathered survey results for the targeted customers. We also used a similar gene-editing technique to shorten the time of producing the alcohol, making the process economically beneficial. We were even gene-editing the same type of yeast, which is saccharomyces cerevisiae. This was the group that we were able to collaborate the most. We both shared our business plan and the concept of the product so that both teams can gather good advertising strategies from each other. We also shared the gene-editing method that we used, and shared our data, which is even almost consistent. This was a very fun experience, and we really hope have more collaboration with team PecTeast in any possible futures.

Dr. Phage

On Jul. 21st, we collaborated with iGEM Dr.Phage team (Official Team Name: Shanghai_United_HS), we organized an online Tencent meeting. What we have in common for both teams is part of experiment methods. PCR is a very important stage in our experiment, and so do theirs. Their topic is the phage lyase coding gene ClyR, arabinose hydrolase coding gene Arab fragment and PBAD plasmid were amplified by PCR to construct ClyR efflux expression plasmid induced by arabinose; The recombinant plasmid was transferred into E. coli for replication and finally expressed by microbial agent (EcN). These two kinds of Streptococcus are the main causes of dental caries, so their project’s final goal is to design a product that can help to prevent it. This was a great experience for both teams that we had shared the troubles during the PCR, and also how we interpreted our results from the PCR experiment. Even though our topics are not similar, but this really helped us on improving experimental skills.


On Jul. 20th, we collaborated with iGEM HOV team (Official Team Name: Shanghai_Metro_Utd), we started a call on WeChat. Their topic is to investigate on the reaction between Angiogenin and Heparin sulfate. Their goal will be to get the expression vector and recombinant protein, verify the recombinant protein, then observed to promote endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis for future applications. Since their project started later than ours, we shared our guidelines for writing a business plan. Also, we presented each of us’ experiment notes to study effective recording methods. Besides, we discussed some BP content such as marketing and research methods, which gave us a lot of inspiration. We think their project has been great and we would like to stay in touch to help each other when facing some bottleneck.


We collaborated with iGEM ASeeker team (Official Team Name: Shanghai_United) in order to help each other out. We helped them out with the Business plan that they will write about, including organization structure, product introduction, and cost analysis. They help us with social marketing, pricing, research methods, experiment notes, and conclusion for group topics. They would create a group call almost daily to stay connected and get help with obstacles that come their way. After being acquainted with us, They believe that our project is significant and valuable for the public. Communicating with them benefits both them and us.