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  • - iGEM competition rules learning
  • - Professional theory learning
  • - Projects brainstorming

Soon after the team was established, the team members were informed iGEM rules comprehensively and started to learn some related theories. We studied the wikis of previous iGEM teams and meanwhile brainstormed for our own topic.


  • - Find the project goals
  • - Background survey
  • - Professional theory learning
  • - Group division
  • - Work schedule

Taking utility and feasibility into consideration, our team finally decided the topic and began some background survey. At the same time, we set up several groups in charge of different tasks, and each of the teammates, based on their personal interests and abilities, joined three of them.


  • - Team registration
  • - Background survey
  • - Background manuscript
  • - Lab safety training
  • - Self-media update
  • - Team logo design
  • - Team leader selection
  • - Interview plan

We finished our background survey and wrote a manuscript. Since in a month we would enter the lab, we learnt more about lab safety and prepared all the things required in the following months. The team also worked out an interview plan, which would help us learn more about gutter oil from different perspectives.


Wet Team

  • - Project theory and experimental skills
  • - Daily experiment record
  • - Plasmids constructing and transforming

Dry Team

  • - Promotion video
  • - Self-media update
  • - Questionnaire collection
  • - Academic exchange and cooperation activities
  • - Some interviews
  • - Expert interviews
  • - Public survey
  • - Partnership and collaboration

The team first learnt the experimental procedures. In the rest of the month, the team successfully constructed nine plasmids by Gibson, spliced the mfe1-pot1 plasmid, transformed it into yeast and introduced the yeast into the medium. The dry team also carried on their work during the month. We distributed a questionnaire to figure out the public’s attitudes, and interviewed some professionals to know more about the current situation.


Wet Team

  • - The experiment was suspended because of the epidemic situation
  • - Further project design
  • - Project description
  • - Protocols
  • - Fermentor design

Dry Team

  • - Self-media update
  • - Online education activities
  • - Picture book
  • - Collaboration
  • - Human practice
  • - Questionnaire collection
  • - Online meetups

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Nanjing, the experiment was suspended according to the local policy. However, at the same time it provided us with abundant time for other work. We continued our collaboration plan, including holding online education activities and finishing a propagandistic picture book with other iGEM teams. After collecting the data of the questionnaire, we analyzed the result and came to some conclusions.


  • - Complete the experiment
  • - Wiki manuscript
  • - Modeling
  • - Applied design
  • - Prepare for presentation
  • - Presentation video
  • - Poster
  • - Wiki web page optimization
  • - Final judging form
  • - Parts registry