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Who did we collaborate:

  • - NNU-China
  • - IvyMaker-China
  • - ASTWS-China
  • - Worldshaper-Shanghai
  • - iBowu-China
  • - HUST-China
  • - UESTC-China

We had collaboration projects including online meetup, troubleshooting, implementation designe, picture books and education activities.

1. Host a online meetup

In summer, we Worldshaper-Nanijng held online meetup, with members iBowu- China, ASTWS-China and Worldshaper-Shanghai. NNU-China and NMU-China attended the meeting, and we were honored to have iGEM Asian Ambassador Jiao Zhandong and Academic Director of Biology Worldshaper Academy Shi Ruyi on our meeting.

On the meeting, all the teams did Human Practice progress and Implementation hardware design sharing. We received advice on our description, design as well as Human Practice and implementation from each other and special guests. In free discussion we exchanged some obstacles and solutions for HP's current search for experts.

The divide of work among the teams is as follows:

  • - ASTWS-China: Invite Experts, Invite Teams, Meeting Recording, Process Management
  • - Worldshaper-Nanjing: Invite Experts, Meeting Report, Invite Teams
  • - Worldshaper-Shanghai: Invite Experts, Invite Teams, Team Communication
  • - iBowu-Beijing: Promotional Poster, Invite Experts, Invite Team

2. Troubleshoot a project

We joined the Yeast Alliance, which was organized spontaneously by other teams this year, including UESTC-China, HUST-China, CPU-China, UM-Macau, Jiangnan-China, ED-NAU, and ECUST-China. Since all members use different species of yeast to achieve their goals, this alliance aims to promote the understanding and use of yeast. In the formal meeting, we explained the features of the specific species of yeast we used, discussed our experiences and the experimental protocols, shared our problems when dealing with the microorganism in the lab, and gave out suggestions at the same time. We also established further cooperation, such as the hardware design and the preparation of yeast handbook.

3. Implementation design

After attending the meetup of Yeast Alliance, we got in touch with HUST-China held a meeting to discuss our implementation design. In the meeting, we shared the preliminary design of our device and introduced our 3D model. HUST-China offered many useful professional suggestions and provided us with solutions for some defects. According to our fermentation type, they took us to confirm each basic component of the fermentation tank and precautions in design. They also provided us with a lot of information about fermentation engineering to guide the follow-up equipment improvement.

4. Education Activities

In this year, we Worldshaper-Nanjing got a chance with NNU-China, our partner team, to introduce synthetic biology and our iGEM project to a group of students from a mountain area in Guizhou. Together with NNU-China, We also propagated our project with in local communities. We were respectively responsible for the description of different topics related to synthetic biology, jointly printed publicity materials, and carried out interactive links to make the activity atmosphere lively.

Another interesting activity is held on on Bilibili (a very popular video application in China). Together with IvyMaker-China, ASTWS-China and Worldshaper-Shanghai, we did a live propagation about Synthetic Biology and iGEM project. We not only completed the equipment test and process rehearsal before the live broadcast, but also helped each other in the activity. When listeners ask questions in the comment area, we helped each other record and answer. It is worth mentioning that the event attracted more than 600 strange visitors.

5. Synthetic biology picture book

For popular science materials, our team put forward the idea of multiple teams working together to produce and promote picture books, which was immediately supported by NNU-China. At first, we discussed the style and script of picture books with NNU-China, and then we completed the painting work respectively. With the help of NNU-China, we got in touch with six other teams. Finally, the eight teams provided different stories of synthetic biology and drew the cover of picture books together.