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Medal Criteria Checklist

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  • Find out how we adjusted our project according to feedback and scientific research on the INTEGRATED HPpage
  • See how we modeled our project on the MODELpage
  • See how we proved our project's idea on the PROOF OF CONCEPTpage
  • Read about the steps we took to improve science education in the community on the EDUCATION AND PUBLIC ENGAGEMENTpage


  • Find out how our process followed the engineering cycle on the ENGINEERING SUCCESSpage
  • See how we partnered with other teams to promote education and inclusivity on the COLLABORATIONpage
  • Read about our quality control process and how much we learned on the HUMAN PRACTICESpage
  • See how our project can be used to make a meaningful impact in the real world on the IMPLEMENTATIONpage


  • Deliverables (wiki, judging form, presentation video)
  • Find out what role each of us filled on the ATTRIBUTIONpage
  • Read about the inspiration and goals of our project on the PROJECT DESCRIPTIONpage
  • See what we did to help iGEM teams-to-be on the CONTRIBUTIONpage