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Attributions & Acknowledgments

On this page, we’d like to acknowledge and attribute all of our team members and the many people who helped us on this project and gave us the insight that made it great. 

iGEM at Tel Aviv University

At Tel Aviv University, iGEM is offered as a year-long course under the Biomedical Engineering Faculty. The first semester is devoted to learning about iGEM by presenting to each other about previous projects. This was done in the format of a weekly meeting, run by our PI Tamir Tuller and our advisors, both former iGEMers, Matan Arbel and Adi Yannai. By the end of the semester, we’ve brainstormed and chosen an idea for our project. In the second semester, we began proper work on the project, such as lab work and building the models and software. This continued over the summer and into the next school year until the competition.

The team

Our team was divided into subteams with leaders, and one team captain. Each team member belonged to either the Modeling or Biology team, and were secondarily split into HP, Wiki, and Funding teams.

Mai Bonomo acted as the team captain, and followed the overall progress of the team while acting as the point of communication between our team, our PI, and iGEM.

Liyam Chitayat Levi acted as the product manager and led the scientific progress by integrating biological, computational, and industrial aspects while determining future development orientations.

The ModelingTeam did all the engineering in our project - developing the models and algorithms, building the software, and writing about it all. They also produced all of the computational analyses and results displayed on the wiki. The team was led by Liyam Chitayat Levi (and led by Na’ama Yochai in early stages).

The Biology Team planned and executed all lab experiments. This included setting up a lab nearly from scratch, running experiments throughout the year, analysing results, characterizing parts, and doing all measurements. They also did much of the wiki writing. The team was led by Ido Rippin.

The Wiki Team was in charge of all things wiki - from web design to coding, as well as delegating all content to the rest of the team. The wiki team also led the team in creating both the Promotional and the Presentation videos. The team was led by Yarin Udi.

The Human Practices team planned meetings and met with all of the researchers and business leaders we had the pleasure of speaking to throughout the year. They also organized and ran the public engagement and educational events, as well as the ASYV collaboration effort. The team was led by Ilya Breslavskiy.

The Funding team was in charge of organizing and running all meetings with sponsors.

Team members:

Name Teams
Gali Altman Biology, Funding
Ido Rippin Biology (team leader)
Ilya Breslavskiy Modeling, HP (team leader)
Liyam Chitayat Levi Modeling (team leader), Biology, Funding
Mai Bonomo (Team Captain), Biology, HP, Wiki, Funding
Moran Kama Modeling
Na’ama Yochai Modeling
Noy Meydani Modeling, HP
Rawan Ibrahim Modeling, Biology, Wiki
Roni Gattengo Modeling, HP
Ronnie Griness Modeling, Wiki
Rotem Galron Modeling, HP
Shir Michael Biology, Wiki, Funding
Yarin Udi Modeling, Biology, Wiki (team leader)
Yoav Navott Biology, Funding, Wiki


Tamir Tuller is our Principal Investigator, and this is his third year leading the iGEM team at Tel Aviv University. He was in charge of our first semester meetings and introducing us to iGEM. Once we began our project, he acted as our main advisor in all things modeling and biology. He provided constant feedback and guidance in our approaches, analyses, measurements, and more, and we are very grateful for his tutelage.

Matan Arbel was last year’s Biology team leader and provided us with lab support, guidance, and a better understanding of iGEM, as well as a lot of helpful feedback.

Adi Yannai is also a previous iGEMer from the Technion Institute of Technology. She gave us safety training for the lab, and also guided us with the development of our idea and in lab support. 

Special Thanks to our Biggest Supporters

To Professor Hagit Eldar-Finkelman and her lab members, for acting as a home to us during much of our lab work and providing us with endless support.

To Professor Avigdor Eldar and his PhD candidate Tasneem Bareia for being early supporters of our idea and project, providing us with both bacterial strains and plasmids, and in general advising us throughout the entirety of the project.

To the staff and members of the Heseg Foundation, who hosted us for meetings, team bonding activities, and the filming of our presentation video.

Creative support

Livnat Benny for being our official graphic designer and designing our logo, website, color scheme, flowcharts, and being an all around great person to work with in general.

Shachar Galor for creating and animating our promotional video, and dealing with our many requests and revisions.

Idan Melchior for filming, editing, and producing our presentation video, and of course - the cameo.

motion_geeks ( for making our homepage gif.

The following artists from whom we used various icons and graphics: Goodware, Eucalyp, monkik, James Frid

The following artists from whom we used Creative Commons images: artursfoto, Lloyd the Void

From Sam Lion

Lab and Modeling Support

Michael Peeri for giving the spark for our original idea and guiding us through the early stages of this project.

Thanks to the students of Tamir Tuller’s lab - Dr. Arup Panda, Larissa Fine, Shaked Bergman, Shir Bahiri and Dr. Zohar Zafrir - for being constant sources of advice throughout our project.

Shir Arbel for completing our orders throughout the project.

Dr. Iris Dotan from Adi Barzel’s lab for providing us with reagents and advice at our most desperate moments.

Professor Martin Kupiec, Professor Uri Gophna, and Professor Itai Benhar for guidance and professional feedback on our projects.

Julius Upmeier zu Belzen from the iGEM Heidelberg 2017 team, who helped us understand and use their SafetyNet and DeepProtein software

Human Practices

To all the people who participated in our Human Practices work and agreed to meet with us and/or be interviewed by us:

  • Dr. Nadav Kasthan of Hebrew University
  • Dr. Yael Helman of Hebrew University
  • Dr. Eyal Benjamin
  • Ilanit Kabessa-Cohen
  • Prof. Itzik Mizrahi of Ben Gurion University
  • Dr. Jonathan Friedman of Hebrew University
  • Nissim Mashiach
  • Prof. Dov Greenbaum of Reichmann University
  • Prof. Elhanan Borenstein of Tel Aviv University
  • Dr. Yuval Dorfan of Reichmann University
  • Prof. Avigdor Eldar of Tel Aviv University
  • Liam Kimmel
  • Dr. Lianet Noda-Garcia of Hebrew University

ASYV Project

To the staff at ASYV and Liquidnet Family High School for their support and for believing in us and this project:

Aloys Kagimbura - Special Projects Coordinator

Julius Kaboyo - Deputy Academic Director

Justin Mutangana - IT Officer and Python Programming Trainer

Jill Elias - Engagements and Operations Manager

With a very warm and special thanks to Ian Mukasa, Head of the Science Department and Biology teacher, for being a constant partner in this project and providing us with valuable feedback throughout. We appreciate you taking us on and taking interest together with us in iGEM! We couldn’t have done this without you.

We would also like to thank the participating teams who collaborated with us on this project:

  • TU Delft
  • HKU
  • Vilnius-Lithuania
  • Concordia Montreal
  • BOKU-Vienna

We couldn’t have done it without you guys!


We are highly appreciative of our incredible sponsors, so much so that they got their own page!