Team:TAS Taipei/Attributions




Literature Research Enoch T, Alan L, Laura H, Alex C, Minna H, Kaitlyn H, Jane L
Designing DNA Constructs Enoch T, Kaitlyn H
Protein Expression & Purification Yvonne K, Sean H, Jane L, Easton L, Enoch T, Alex C, Laura H, Ethan S
Colorimetric Substrate Assay Enoch T, Yvonne K, Alex C, Jane L, Laura H, Alan L, Sean H, Easton L
Thin Layer Chromatography Assay Enoch T, Jane L, Yvonne K, Alan L, Laura H, Alex C, Sean K
Mass Spectroscopy Enoch T, Sean H, Yvonne K, Easton L
Porcine Blood Agglutination Tests Enoch T, Alex C, Sean H
Wiki Text Easton L, Sean H, Jane L, Enoch T, Yvonne K


Blood Type Conversion Kit Research & Design Enoch T, Bernie C
Hardware Bernie C, Enoch T
Q10 Temperature Coefficient Alan L, Bernie C, Enoch T
Porcine Blood Agglutination Tests Alex C, Sean H, Enoch T
Percent Hemolysis Tests Enoch T, Sean H
Nickel Sepharose Beads Test Enoch T
Post-Conversion RBC Purification Tests Enoch T
Wiki Text Enoch T, Bernie C, Yvonne K


Literature Research Bernie C, Alan L
Blood Supply & Demand Modelling Bernie C, Enoch T, Alan L
Michaelis-Menten Enzyme Kinetics Bernie C, Enoch T
Antibody-Antigen Binding Rates Bernie C
Surface Area Modelling Bernie C
Wiki Text Bernie C, Alan L

Human Practices

Bioethics Roundtable Preparation Christine W, Enoch T, Alan L, Yvonne K, Sienna C, Kristin C, Ines B, Kaitlyn H, Alex C, Minna H, Laura H
Bioethics Roundtable Discussion Whole team
Bioethics Survey and Poll Analysis Emily L, Evelyn H, Annabelle W, Bernie C, Clarence L, Alan L, Kristin C
7th Grade Education Preparation Christine W, Sienna C, Ines B, Andrew H, Jeffrey L, Rowan D, Andreea L, Jane L, Sabrina H, Yvonne K, Kristin C
7th Grade Education Whole team
Tiktok Educational Videos Yvonne K, Sienna C, Christine W, Laura H
Online Education Website & Curriculum Yvonne K, Sienna C, Christine W, Kristin C
Dr. Frank Hsiao Interview Andrew H, Yvonne K, Kaitlyn H, Sienna C, Kristin C
Dr. Todd Lowary Interview Laura H, Enoch T, Minna H, Jeffery L
Dr. Jimmy Kang Interview Laura H, Enoch T, Alan L, Bernie C, Kaitlyn H, Andrew H
Dr. Lori West Interview Guan C, Yvonne K, Enoch T, Laura H, Justin W
TBSF Dr. Liu Interview Yvonne K, Alan L, Bernie C, Laura H, Guan C, Justin W, Enoch T
ACHB Interview Christine W, Kaitlyn H, Yvonne K, Enoch T, Sienna C, Alan L
Legislator Chuang & Dr. Chen Interview Alan L, Yvonne K, Ines B, Sienna C
Dr. Gua-Che Lu Interview Easton L
Mr. Dhirpal Shah Interview Laura H, Alan L, Sienna C, Minna H
Dr. Wen-Chien Chou Interview Yvonne K, Alan L
Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Interview Laura H, Alan L, Sean H, Bernie C
"Meet the Drapers" Pitch Enoch T, Yvonne K
Public Survey Design Kaitlyn H, Laura H, Enoch T, Alan L, Yvonne K, Jeffrey L, Sean H
Blood Bank Survey Design Enoch T, Bernie C, Kaitlyn C, Laura H, Alan L, Yvonne K
Survey Analysis Laura H, Yvonne K, Minna H
iGEM x SDG Impact Challenge & Conference Kaitlyn H, Laura H, Minna H, Yvonne K, Sienna C, Guan C, Enoch T
Blood Donation App Proposal Justin W, Yvonne K, Laura H, Guan C
Policy Brief Alan L, Guan C, Justin W
Marketing Plan Christine W, Sienna C
Further Applications Guan C, Yvonne K, Laura H
Collaborations Sabrina H, Andreea L, Jeffrey L, Emily L, Easton L, Alan L, Yvonne K
Wiki Text Evelyn H, Christine W, Jeffrey L, Andrew H, Laura H, Yvonne K, Alan L, Minna H, Kaitlyn H

Wiki & Graphics Design

Wiki Coding & Visual Design Sabrina H
Logo Designs Emily L, Mabel T, Jane L
Promotional Video Sienna C, Andrew H, Mabel T, Christine W, Laura H, Ines B, Yvonne K, Enoch T, Minna H
Presentation Video Whole Team
Team Headshots Lindsey N
Graphics & Animations Mabel T, Jane L, Sabrina H, Emily L


General Support

  • TAS Science Department
  • Mr. David Iverson, Science Department Chair
  • Ms. Joanna Lin, Science Department Assistant
  • Mr. Andrew Lowman, TAS Upper School Principal
  • Parents and friends of the TAS_Taipei 2021 team

Lab Support

  • MathWorks: Provided Licenses to Softwares
  • Genomics 基龍米克斯生物科技: DNA Synthesis
  • Integrated DNA Technologies: DNA Synthesis
  • MEDCLUB Scientific: IDT Distributor
  • Twist Bioscience: DNA Synthesis
  • SnapGene: DNA Design Software
  • National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU)- Yi Ta and Dr. Michael Li
  • Academia Sinica Dr. Todd Lowary Lab

Project Advisory Support

  • Mr. Jude Clapper
  • Dr. Jonathan Hsu
  • Dr. Nicholas Ward
  • Mr. Sean Tsao

Wiki Support

  • Mr. Jason Kiang
  • Veronica Hong

Video Support

  • Nathan Liu
  • Kelly Yang
  • Joel Lo
  • Vera Chien
  • Mr. Brett Barrus
  • Mr. Adrian Town

Human Practice Support

  • Dr. Jun-Hong Liu (劉俊宏): Director of Planning for the Taipei Blood Center (台北捐血中心企劃課課長)
  • Dr. Jimmy Kang: Doctor at National Taiwan University Hospital blood bank
  • Dr. Gua-Che Lu (盧冠澈): Emergency medicine physician at the Keelung Hospital
  • Dr. Frank Hsiao: Oncologist and hematologist at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
  • Dr. Todd Lowary: Professor at University of Alberta and researcher at Academia Sinica Department of Biological Chemistry
  • Legislator Ching-Cheng Chuang (莊敬程): Member of the Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee of the Legislative Yuan
  • Dr. George Chen (陳榮治): Associate professor of Biomedical Engineering in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
  • Dr. Lori West: Pediatric cardiologist and researcher at the University of Alberta
  • Ms. Maggie Hsieh: VP Sales & Marketing at ACHB Enterprise Co Ltd (穎佳企業股份有限公司)
  • iGEM EPIC: Entrepreneurship Program Innovation Community of iGEM
  • Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
  • Ms. Connie Ma: Alumni and Community Outreach Officer at Taipei American School
  • Biobuilder
  • TAS Girls in STEM
  • TAS FRC Team
  • James An: Project hardware CAD


  • Team Düsseldorf for joining their Postcard Project
  • Team Patras for translating their comic into Mandarin
  • Team NYCU for helping them with their promoter testing tests, providing them with a bacteria strain, and letting us use a plate reader for our Q10 tests
  • Team Korea_HS for participating in their Instagram project
  • Team MingDao for providing them with a bacteria strain and distributing our survey
  • Team KCIS for distributing our survey
  • Team ARIA for distributing our survey
  • Team KCIS_NewTaipei, Korea_HS, NTU-Singapore, IISER-Tirupati_India, Saint_Joseph, RUBochum, Stony_Brook, CCU_Taiwan, SHSID, NKCU_Tainan, ASIJ_Tokyo, Moscow_City, Thessaly, Sydney_Australia, William_and_Mary, NU_Kazakhstan, Aachan, MIT_MAHE, PuiChing_Macau, Wageningen_UR, ATG X iGEM UMA, Open_Science_Global, Calgary, Tu_Darmstadt, Mingdao for being part of our global efforts to tackle Sustainable Development Goals through our iGEMxSDG Challenge & Conference

Special Thanks

  • Dr. Grace Cheng Dodge: TAS Head of School
  • Dr. Dan Long & Ms. Jessica Lin: TAS Dean of Students and his Department Assistant
  • Generous Donations to TAS
  • Mr. Matthew Fagen: Director of the TAS Tech Cube


Does your institution teach an iGEM or synthetic biology course?

Taipei American School teaches a year-long synthetic biology course. During the first semester, students learn synthetic biology techniques in both classroom and laboratory settings. During the second semester and over the summer, students work on their iGEM project.

When did you start this course?

TAS started this course in 2013. The 2021 TAS_Taipei team began taking this class in August 2020.

Are the syllabus and course materials freely available online?

We follow the BioBuilder curriculum (

When did you start your brainstorming?

November 2020

When did you start in the lab?

January 2021

When did you start working on your project?

November 2020