Team:Shanghai high school/Team

  • Xinyu Wan
    (Jimmy Wan)
    Hi everyone, my surname name is Wan Xinyu, I am 18 years old, and I am studying at Shanghai Gezhi High School. I love sports, I usually like tennis, basketball, swimming, and sailing. In school, I love to study activities in physics engineering, and economics, and I also serve as a physics TA in school with excellent grades. For example, I have been involved in rescuing stray animals and helping them find their own adapters, which has left a deep impression on me.
  • Lu Liang
    My name is Lulu Liang. I am 17 years old and I'm a senior in Chengdu No.7 High School International Department. I love biology, and I had an internship at Bishop Cancer Institute for a month. I'm also working on biological research and logo design for the 2021 iGEM competition. I will spend lots of my time in the lab, doing experiments and I really appreciate this experience.
  • Gaolin Ge
    (Harry Ge)
    Hi everyone, my name is Harry Ge. I am an international student in the US and I have been studying abroad for 3 years. I am currently living in China, taking online classes. I am interested in computer science and plan to major in this in the future. I enjoy taking courses related to computers and I created a personal website with my works on it. Besides computers, music is also a large component of my life. I am a guitarist and singer. I have my own social media account and I create and post the cover version of songs on the website. Although I do not have a huge amount of fans, I view it as a way to record my life and relax my brain.
  • Beichen Qiang
    Greetings! I am Beichen Qiang from the wet team. I will be 16 on Oct. 7th. I'm from Chengdu, China, and I am a sophomore at Santa Catalina School in Monterey, California. I am also a sailor and an animal lover. I appreciate wildlife a lot, so I want to major in veterinary medicine and become a vet soon. Therefore, I am interested in biology and looking forward to seeing what will happen in the lab.
  • Han Yang
    (Bruce Yang)
    Hi, my name is Bruce and I am 11th grade from WLSA, Shanghai. I work in the wet team of iGEM, making and modifying the vaccine. My interest is in learning physics, chemistry, and biology. These subjects encouraged me to explore more deeply and provided me the passion to study and also participate in iGEM. All these motivations made me try my best to pursue a better myself, to achieve the person that is good at self-studying and time management, and I believe iGEM has helped me a lot with this. Outside academic fields, I also enjoyed Japanese music and anime, helping me to relax every time after experiencing huge pressure. I am grateful for the chance to join the iGEM, with all the improvements that I had made.
  • Zhan Yang
    Hi. My name is Yang Zhan, a 12th-grade student. I am currently studying at Chengdu Summit International school, and I will apply for university soon. I am interested in bioengineering and physics. Maybe I will major in the field of biology in the future, and iGEM just gave me an opportunity to step into the field of biology in advance. For the purpose of curiosity and self-exercise, I participated in this project. I work as a researcher in the team. I will work with my teammates to complete this research.
  • Ming Gong
    (Mark Gong)
    Hi there, my name is Gong Ming, my nickname is Mark, so you can call me Mark G.I will be a 12-grade high school student next semester, so my age is 18 clearly. There are thousands of hobbies I like, but my favorite one is video games. I can now gradually regulate my time that spent on games due to the limitations of devices and the desire to keep track of my study. I want to be a financial analyst or a business manager because all my families are participants in the business. The more important reason for my choice of career is that I enjoy the visible or invisible competition between companies.
  • Zhengyuan Zhou
    (Justin Zhou)
    My name is Zhengyuan Zhou, and my English name is Justin. I am a junior next semester, and I have been staying in the US for 3 years. I was in 7th grade, I went to the US, Keith Country Day School is middle school, Ready Global high school is the school that I am in now. I like music, like rap, guitar. I also found a rap club in the US and China, we performed a lot, and raised money to devote to charity organizations. I like drawing either, I have been learning sketch for 7 years. I also like sports, especially basketball, I played for the middle school team and high school team, I was the shooting guard. When I have time, I like searching the stock market and selling clothes, so I am economically independent now. I also like reading books about business and economy, like “General knowledge of economics”, that's a book which I am reading now. I am very enjoyed to search economic and business. So in the future, I want to take a double major, business and building design. I wanna be an investor in the future, and I want to design my dream house, so I like to take these two majors.
  • Haoyang Li
    (Leo Li)
    My name is Leo. I am sixteen years old and study in the Guangdong experimental school. I like doing various sport in my spare time such as basketball, football. I intend to study finance in the future. I was interested in calculating when I was young. My mother usually told other people the prize of how well I got. Also, I found that I have a talent for studying the economy. My teacher recommended attending the activity named “iGEM”.My hobby is watching books which are about the economy. I can accumulate my knowledge about the economy in this activity.
  • Ziyang Li
    (Cyrus Li)
    Hi, my name is Cyrus. I'm nineteen years old. Studying in the Perkiomen School right now. So, Psychology, Philosophy, and business interested me a lot. Thus, for my college application, I may get into those fields and subjects. So far, I have taken part in numerous activities, like organizing a business plan, designing some art artifacts, and funding charity. I own a lot of valuable experience in different kinds of fields, which shape me to a more comprehensive horizon. But I am still learning and growing. After this activity, I believe I will learn a lot from that.
  • Fuhai Zhang
    (Figo Zhang)
    Hi, this is Figo Zhang. I'm 17 years old. While I was born and spent most of my life in Shenzhen, I'm now a rising senior in an international high school in Guangzhou named Nansha College Preparatory Academy. Being not very social, I like to spend most of my spare time at home watching TV plays, movies, and all kinds of the live broadcasts. As for college, I have a strong interest in biology because doing cool experiments really fascinates me a lot, and that's also why I joined the iGEM wet team. Looking forward to having a great experience!
  • Yanhui Zhou
    (Nicole Zhou)
    Hi, I am Zhou Yanhui. You can call me Nicole too. I'm an eleventh-grade, from Jiangsu Tianyi High School. I may major in Biology since it is pretty cool. Personally, tennis is my favorite sport and I like music and drawing. The reason I join iGEM is that it is a good opportunity to experience the life in the laboratory. Hope to have a great time with you guys!
  • Xuanbo Cao
    (Cathy Cao)
    Hi, my name is Cathy Cao, and I'm from Shanghai China. I'm an 11th-grade student from Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School who loves Economics and Maths, and I will also study finance in college in the future. Besides studying, I have loved music since I was a child, such as singing and dancing. Playing musical instruments is one of my strengths. I'm very good at flute and have some basic skills in piano and music theory. It's also a great pleasure for me to participate in the orchestra performance. Those who are interested can come and play with me! I'm grateful to be a 2021iGEM team - Dr.Oral's member, and I'll try my best to contribute more to the dry team!
  • Zhiqi Yan
    (Jack Yan)
    My name is Zhiqi Yan and I am 17 years old. I study in Beijing 21CIS international school and I love watching anime and playing fps games. Despite the fact that I am kind of a noob, I still try my best in each game. I have been taken part in some activities about project management. I want to pursue psychology in my college life and I expect that I can benefit from working in the dry team for days. I hope the whole team, both dry and wet, can work well and come out with a good result.
  • Han Zhang
    (Sunny Zhang)
    My name is Han Zhang. I'm a grade 12 student from Shanghai IVY School. I'm in the "Dry Team" of the iGEM competition of 2021. The reason that I chose to engage in this biological activity is that I am fond of working with others to make the world a better place. My dream job is to be a fund manager, so I enter the "Dry Team", responsible for advertising and operating. My hobby is singing songs, listening to music, and reading finance-related books like The Black Swan. My favorite subjects are Economics and Mathematics. My interest in science and business makes me work quite well in them.
  • Yiheng Bi
    (Christine Bi)
    Hi! I'm Christine (Yiheng) Bi, a rising high school senior from BASIS International School in Guangzhou, China and a member of the Dr. Oral wet team. I have a strong passion for biomedical engineering and scientific research, and I am especially interested in neurodegenerative diseases. Last summer, I participated in a research program on the molecular biology of memory and memory diseases and authored a report on the effects of supraliminal and subliminal priming on prediction error learning of rats. I gained lots of insights, and I definitely hope to keep exploring this field as I transition to college. My biggest values are creativity, humanity, and social justice. In my free time, I play guitar, make beats, and play badminton. It is great pleasure to meet my lovely teammates.
  • Yuxiao Li
    (Sean Li)
    Hi! My name is Sean Li. I'm a grade 12 student who studies in No.7 international High School, Chengdu. My university plans to study environmental engineering or materials engineering. My usual hobbies are recycling garbage, reading, and watching movies. For me, being able to get along with others is the best state. I founded my own non-profit garbage recycling and environmental protection club in school and achieved good recycling results within a year. I am a person with a sense of social justice, and I also contend that it is all human-beings obligation to protect our world!
  • Qinyin Jiang
    (Fiona Jiang)
    I am Jiang Qinyin of iGEM dry team. My English name is Fiona. I'm in 10th grade at KCIS. In the compulsory course, my hobby is biology. However, in the elective courses, my hobbies are economics and design. I also have many hobbies. I'm very interested in art and I like music and painting. I'm a late- bloomer,but I will be a very righteous friend after getting familiar with myself. Go out with these common interests as a girl. My daily routine is to dress up. I love making up, taking pictures, dressing up, and using social media. I think when you look better, you will become more confident. When I am bored, I like watching US Tv series and listening to music because I really like the culture and appearance of European and American countries. I like Ariana Grande very much. I hope that I can become the same as she can infect the world. In the future, my career goal is biology because I think today's society is very concerned about people's health. I hope I can help people in the future. In the end, I think I will learn a lot through this competition. In the harvest of happiness and warmth at the same time, I can learn a lot of knowledge.
  • Karina
    Hi, my name is Karina Arimura and I'm currently a 16-year-old student studying at The British International School of Shanghai. Through this iGEM competition, I really want to delve into the complexities of Biology and strengthen my knowledge on how vaccination/medicine can reform the world. In the future, I hope to pursue my interests in Biochemistry and eventually work as a doctor. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling and playing soccer with my friends as it helps me alleviate stress. I'm very excited and grateful to have this opportunity to work with other students who are just as intrigued as I am about science.
  • Elizabeth Wu
    Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Wu. I am a senior at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. I was born in America, but I went to middle schools in Beijing and Shanghai. My hobbies are playing tennis, cooking, drawing, and playing the piano. I love Biology and want to become a doctor like my grandfather, who can help and save people's lives. I also want to contribute to the medical field of both China and America by learning Biology and Medicine from both countries and combine the best theories and techniques of each.
  • YanChen Liu
    (Joe Liu)
    Hello, I am Liu YanChen, and my English name is Joe. I am a 16 student who studies in an international school in grade 10. Basketball is my favorite hobby, and I usually represent our school to attend basketball games with other schools. Additionally, I am a big fan of the NBA. I also participate in some volunteering projects with my school. Personally, I think I am an outgoing person, and I have a passion for other people. And that is the reason why I engage in volunteering projects. I have joined numerous other projects for my background. That is my self-introduction.
  • Peng pan
    My name is Peng pan. I'm glad to join in the iGEM. This will be an unforgettable experience for me. It will bring me a lot of help in my future study. Although I participated in the iGEM competition through the Internet, I think I will still learn a lot of knowledge and experience. Finally, I hope I can win the iGEM award, which will be my greatest honor.