Team:Shanghai high school/Attributions

Wet Lab

Liang Lu: inducing expression, medium preparation, recording experiments, Bacillus subtilis competent cell preparation, electro transformation of Bacillus subtilis

Beichen Qiang: depiction of E. coli BL21growth curve , recording experiments, medium preparation, Bacillus subtilis competent cell preparation, electro transformation of Bacillus subtilis

Zhan Yang: Protein purification, culture medium preparation, plasmid digestion, record experiments, be a captain, organize experiments, summarize experimental records

Fuhai Zhang: Bacillus subtilis plasmid transfer, colony PCR verification of plasmids, measurement of induced expression OD600, DNA gel preparation and running gel

Karina Arimura: colony PCR verification, DNA gel preparation and run gel

Yuxiao Li:The enzyme digestion as well as activate group atmosphere and the layout design of the final PowerPoint ensure everyone's physical and mental pleasure

Yiheng Bi: Bacillus subtilis sensory state preparation, preparation of medium, small scale plasmid extraction, PCR, small shake, enzyme digestion, SDS-PAGE analysis, gum running, gum shining, sequencing, experimental procedure - photos, video

Yanhui Zhou: E. coli transformation, Bacillus subtilis receptor state preparation, media preparation, plasmid lift, PCR, small shake, enzymatic SDS-page gelling, gelling, sequencing, experimental procedure-photos, video, experimental record

Han Yang: purification of bacterial proteins, preparation of extraction solution andmedium, record experiments and data, gum running, gum shining and recording.

Dry Lab


  • Harry G: writing and quote analysis

  • Mark G: researching and quotations


  • Harry G: question design, introduction of the other team and conclusion

  • Mark G: Answer record and future improvement for our team

  • Elizabeth W: translation of suggestions and inspiration

  • Leo L: suggestions for the other team and inspiration

  • Justin Z: overview and inspiration


  • Leo L: background and marketing research

  • Harry G: the goal of our team

  • Cathy C: Stakeholders

  • Sunny Z: Overall appearance and translation of instruction

  • Fiona J: design of outfit of our product

  • Justin Z: instruction

  • Mark G: Future challenge, potential risks, marketing plan and product superiority

Integrated Human Practice

  • Harry G: figure of brainstorming, overview, interview of Dr. Li, meetups and conclusion

  • Mark G: figure of brainstorming, interview with professor Han, interview with Dr. Zhang

  • Jimmy W: overview and conclusion

  • Cyrus: stakeholders

  • Leo L: interview with professor Wen

  • Elizabeth W: composition and translation of professor Wen

  • Jack Y: translation of stakeholders and potential users


  • Sunny Z: survey trip, media posts and booklet distribution

  • Fiona J: media post

  • Jimmy W: offline presentation and bio pane


  • Leo L: Background

  • Cyrus L: translation of background, marketing analysis

  • Sunny Z: translation of background

  • Harry G: research method

  • Justin Z: analysis of costs

  • Mark G: product analysis

  • Jimmy Wan: Conclusion

  • Jack Y: translation of future Challenge and potential risks

Street Interview

  • Jimmy W: Interview question designing

  • Harry G, Mark G, Sunny Z, Fiona J, Jimmy W, Cathy C, Cyrus L: street interview


  • Leo L: Bookkeeping, responsible for counting our assets and the money spent on buying and selling products

  • Cathy C, Fiona J, Mark G: Responsible for finding consumers in companies to buy our peripheral products

  • Cathy C, Fiona J, Sunny Z: Responsible for making online charity posters and attracting online buyers to buy our peripheral products

  • Jimmy W: Find the location of the offline bazaar

  • Jimmy W, Justin Z, Leo L, Cyrus L, Fiona J, Cathy C, Sunny Z: Set up offline stalls to sell our peripheral products

Expert Interview

  • Harry G, Mark G, Justin Z, Leo L: Design of expert interview questions

  • Cyrus L, Justin Z, Leo L, Cathy C, Harry G, Mark G, Elizabeth,Jack Y: record and translation of Interview

WeChat official account

  • Cathy C, Sunny Z: Management and text writing

  • Fiona J: Chief editor of the article

  • Jimmy W: Assistance

Online questionnaire

  • Sunny Z: Main designer of the questionnaire

  • Harry G, Mark G: Assistance of the design of the questionnaire

  • Fiona J: Promotion of online questionnaire on WeChat official account

  • Cathy C, Fiona J, Harry G, Mark G, Sunny Z, Justin Z, Leo L, Jimmy W, Cyrus L: the spread of questionnaire

Offline Presentation

  • Jimmy W: Design of PPT

  • Harry G, Mark G, Jimmy W, Cathy C: presentation

General Support

Lab Support

  • ATLATL Innovation and Development Center

Meeting Room Support

  • Kr Space

Project Consulting Support

  • Doctor Aifang Li, a Director of pediatrics at Yangyuan Hospital in Hebei Province

  • Professor Han, a Ph.D. in Virology from the University of Lubeck, Germany, and a master of Science from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS

  • Prof. Wen, a specialist in the field of Microbial Engineering and who taught at Nanjing Normal University

  • Andong Zhang, senior risk control manager in COSCO Leasing Co.,Ltd who possesses rich experience in pharmaceuticals marketing


  • 2021 iGEM team WFLA_YK_PAO (PEToracity)

Special Thanks

  • New Oriental Education Institute in Jing' an District, provided the site support for our offline presentation

  • Instructor: Mr. Yu who provided lab instructions and supervision

  • SubCat Academy, provided resources support to carry out our project