Mid-Atlantic iGEM Meetup


On August 5th, the Pittsburgh iGEM team had the opportunity to attend the Mid-Atlantic Meetup through Zoom hosted by Team William and Mary. There, we were able to see the incredible work that UMaryland, Baltimore BioCrew, Gaston Day School, William and Mary, and UVA iGEM teams were doing. In addition to hearing about each other’s projects, we had the opportunity to share and exchange ideas and gained some new insight into how we could improve our own project.

Team Paris Collaboration


We collaborated with Team UParis BMEwhose project aims to develop a new detection method for early stage cancer. Though similar goals, we had different methods of detection, and talking through these methods allowed us to shift our approach moving forward and design our experiments to best fit our project goal.

Team Vancouver Collaboration


We collaborated with Team British Columbiaas their project also involved the tumor microenvironment. We were able to discuss our projects and share our respective understandings of the tumor microenvironment to help us narrow down tumor markers for experimentation.