Safe Project Design

The components designed and used in our experiment are DNA molecules. We did not use microorganisms such as E. coli, which will cause harm to the environment and people. All our parts are ordered from the corresponding companies with reliable source and safe transportation. All used parts will be inactivated by the lab, so it is relatively safe.

Safe lab work

We work in a neat lab called the Nucleic Acid Biology and Biotechnology Lab, which is a BSL-2 class lab. Before working in the laboratory, we will receive safety training, not only learning the laboratory safety rules, but also learning standard laboratory operations to avoid unnecessary damage. In addition, we are equipped with appropriate facilities such as lab coats, latex gloves, goggles, masks, shoe covers etc to protect us from biological and non-biological hazards.

Our experimental operation is separately done in several operation areas, such as the experimental note recording and data sorting area, drug weighing and solution configuration area, molecular experiment area, RNA electrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis area. Our experimental bench and experimental equipment are very clean and tidy, to ensure a clean experimental environment.

Practical lab safety procedures

Our experiments will follow certain laboratory rules to ensure the safety of our experiments.

1. pre-experiment

(1) Check if our clothing meets the dress code, which means to wear lab coat, gloves, not to wear slippers, and not to have a messy hair.

(2) No food and drinks are allowed in the laboratory.

(3) Make sure that we are familiar with the equipment before performing an experiment on it, so that the equipment won’t be damaged by inappropriate operation.

2. during the experiment

(1) Stop any experiments in progress when someone gets hurt.

(2) Strictly follow the experiment specification and instrument operation specification to avoid error or experiment failure or instrument damage caused by personal reasons.

3. post-experiment

(1) Clean the table, and organize the experiment materials.

(2) Dispose all discarded drugs according to specific requirements。

(3) Do not take anything out of the laboratory.

About Coronavirus

This year, the COVID-19 epidemic has been comparatively mild, but we still did our best to prevent all potential risks from happening . After entering the lab, we put on shoe covers. We wear masks at all times while doing experiments. We do regular disinfection with alcohol, and after the experiment, we wash our hands and so on.

We will follow the laboratory's quarantine measures:

(1) During the epidemic prevention and control period, key areas of the laboratory, including floors, sinks, doorknobs and experimental tables, should be disinfected every day.After each disinfection, open doors and Windows for ventilation for 30 minutes.Ventilate at least three times a day.

(2) Take body temperature three times a day.If you have a fever or other symptoms, you should report promptly, be quarantined according to the school's arrangements, and avoid entering the lab.

(3) Wear a mask when entering the laboratory and do hand disinfection.