Team:OUC-R/Medal Equirement

Medal Equirement


√ Register for iGEM, have a great iGEM season, and attend the Giant Jamboree.

√ Completed all required deliverables: successfully created our team wiki, video, filled out judging form and presented at the Giant Jamboree.

√ Created our attribution page.

√ Documented our project inspiration and description.

√ Started the first attempt using hairpin structure to help DNA single strand cyclize, and succeeded.

√ Provided with the optimal conditions of our experiment for future teams.

√ Designed a set of software to find certain DNA sequences.


√ Created many new BioBrick parts that are related to our project works as expected.

√ Collaborated with many iGEM teams.

√ Successfully participated in Human Practices to validate our work is responsible and good for the world. And get many suggestions from professors.

√ Explained how we would implement our project in the real world. Thought about some of these issues for the Safety Form.


√ Successfully expand on our silver medal activity and demonstrate how our team responded to our human practices reflections, research. According to the professor's suggestion, we made some improvements to our project.

√ Successfully modeled our project. Designed Energy models, growing models and theoretical simulation models to help build the whole project. Designed new sequences for our project and used the Z-HJ model to predict the expression of our part.

√ Successful expanded upon our Silver medal work for Proposed Implementation and developed a proof of concept for our project, which reflects our project as a whole, not just a single aspect or component.

√ Developed and implemented education related to synthetic biology and our project. Successfully held biology lectures and produced videos and cartoons on science popularization.