We are very happy that with the help of our tutor and senior doctoral students, we have formed a team composed of 8 undergraduates from different majors and grades. It is a very lucky thing to have this group of like-minded partners to move forward together. We share joys and hardships together, we became the most tacit and intimate teammates. All members of the 2021 OUC-R have contributed to the development of the project. What needs to be pointed out in particular is that without the help of many people from schools, other institutions and society, we could achieve nothing. We sincerely appreciate all help we have received.

Team Members Introduction

Shuiping Fu

the leader of the wet lab group , is mainly responsible for the management of the experimental part and the management of the team. As a wet and dry coordinator, her efforts and coordination arrangements ensure that the work is carried out normally. She participated in the whole experiment, recorded the process of the experiment and the experimental characteristics. At the same time, she was responsible for writing the description and results on wiki. She played an irreplaceable role in our project!

Huishu Gao

a laboratory administrator, plays an important role in the experiment. She conceived the whole project with the other two members, carefully experimented, actively communicated with teacher, and constantly improved the experimental scheme to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. At the same time, she is also responsible for writing the safety and protocols on Wiki, and actively communicates with other teammates. She is a cooperative partner and has won unanimous praise from teammates!

Lin Jin

is responsible for part of sequence design and experiments in the OUC-R team. In addition, Lin Jin was responsible for the communication between the search team and OUC-China on team cooperation, as well as the communication with the software team on software design.

Haitian Bo

is responsible for dry-lab part only in this year’s team OUC-R. Having experiment arrangements elsewhere, he focused mainly on Human Practice and Education instead. He is in charge of our questionnaires, lectures for high-schoolers and all interviews, and he also help finish the comics and all videos of the team. He wrote the whole HP and Home part of the wiki, and he designed our team Logo. Though not being the hardest working one, he still make a contribution to the team.

Bowen Lv

the leader of the dry group, is responsible for recruiting dry Group members, liaising with school authorities and external partners, also managing the project progress of the dry group. In the early stage, she was mainly responsible for communicating with the tutor and designing the project. After Lv went to a research Institute for an exchange study, she was mainly responsible for humanities, off-campus cooperation, writing push articles, comic production, writing and translating wikis, some online work. She was lucky to complete the project with a group of like-minded partners.

Peilin Yang

the model designer of the project. With his cooperation, experimental double-loop sequence design was possible. He uses the model to predict the results of the experiment, so that the model and the project could be closely linked and mutually promoted. In addition, he also designed the stem-loop sequence and APP sequence search program, which laid a solid foundation for further exploration of Z-DNA regulation mechanism in vivo. Furthermore, he helped complete the design of the wiki.

Jiacheng Fang

who is in charge of the arrangement of the wiki webpage and takes part in the video making.She channels all her efforts into drawing illstrations and makes her best to coordinate the looking of the webpage,collaborating with Zezhong Ding.

Zezhong Ding

the web designer and part of the model and software designer of the project. In addition, he was responsible for collaborating with other teams for software and model improvement. He works with Peilin Yang and contributes to the team's modeling software design and drives away at making the team wiki nice.

Acknowledgement for support

Our PI Professor Xingguo Liang put forward constructive suggestions on our project and experiment, and gave us long-term technical consulting support in the process. In addition, the professor kindly provided us with laboratory and experimental equipment, and helped us to analyze problems during the experiment, as well as the feasibility of modeling and software. We are very grateful to Mr. Liang for his generous help and guidance!

Mengqin Liu, from Ocean University of China, mainly provides guidance on the preparation of topological isomers in the experiment. We are greatly indebted to her careful guidance.

Hui Chen, from Ocean University of China,mainly provides help on the transcription of the experiment part. We are deeply grateful to her for her patient guidance.

Academician Guan Huashi, from Ocean University, explained to us some of the pathology of Alzheimer's disease and the mechanism of action of the drugs developed by Ocean University as a reference, and also thanked the academician for his valuable suggestions for our project.

Professor Wang Xin, from Qingdao Municipal Hospital, is very grateful to him for explaining to us the current means of Linchuan treatment of Alzheimer's disease and putting forward valuable suggestions for our project.

We would like to thank the breast cancer department of the Municipal Hospital for briefly introducing the relevant content of breast cancer clinical treatment and for their feedback to our project.