Team:Northern BC/Collaborations



This year our team collaborated with teams from TU DELFT and IONIS. iGEM IONIS is a team based in Paris, France, that is creating an at-home test to measure vitamin B12 in blood. Their goal is to aid those who are vitamin B12 deficient due to their vegan diet. The TU DELFT iGEM team is based in Delft in the Netherlands, and they are producing a micronutrient detection kit to be used at point-of-care. Their goal is to detect micronutrients, such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, in blood samples to help eliminate micronutrient deficiencies worldwide. Our teams recognized the similarity of our goals and decided to collaborate on a vitamin-based cookbook. TU DELFT decided to take the lead on this collaboration. The cookbook features culturally diverse recipes, including vegan and vegetarian recipes. The cookbook can be found here.

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