Team:Northern BC/Attributions


Wet Lab

Shamitha Aravind:

Wet lab team lead; organized and led meetings for sub-team and whole team, led wet lab meetings, organized lab shifts and brainstorm sessions.

Angus Ball:

Wet lab team member, edited promotional and presentation videos, presented to high schools, protein modeling, project design, lab work.

Derek Johnson:

Wet lab team member, protein modeling, project design, lab work.

Human Practices

Michelle van der Merwe:

Human practices team lead; planned and executed elementary school outreach, presented to high schools, worked on vitamin cookbook collaboration.

Shaheer Lakhani:

Project design/planning, school outreach, collaboration with other teams and professionals, presented in outreach and open houses.

Shamikh Lakhani:

Wet lab project design, collaborations, helped to design coloring books, presented at open houses and other outreach events and promoted iGEM.

Dry Lab

Emile Caron:

Dry lab team lead, worked on molecular dynamics and aided wiki development.

Pratham Lalwani:

Created the design of Team member page and Homepage

Sahib Singh:

Wiki front end developer

Project Support

Lab Donations

Murray Lab:

Use of lab space, competent DH5α cells

Lee Lab:

black well plates, access to plate reader

Gorrell Lab:

DH5α cells

Rader Lab:

DH5α cells, chloramphenicol, LB-carb plates, ampicillin

Dr. Erasmus:

Assistance with SDS-PAGE procedure and supplies


Dr. Brent Murray:

Provided invaluable assistance in the acquisition of laboratory space and securing funding, provided support in the development of the iGEM project, data acquisition, and data interpretation.

Wet Lab

Matilda McGirr:

Provided invaluable guidance in project design and lab work.

Victor Liu:

Provided advice for troubleshooting lab work, as well as insights during lab planning.

Katelynn Rozmarniewich:

Provided support in developing the iGEM program at UNBC, as well as advice during project brainstorming, and helped develop a potential sponsorship document.

Conan Ma:

Dispensing Chemist and Chemical Safety Officer at UNBC, received reagents and provided help with general lab safety.

Kody Klupt & Sono Khan
(from Queen's 2020 team):

Provided invaluable consultations regarding their part BBa_K3515011, in addition to providing PDB files.

Dry Lab

Vivianne Caron:

Created the images for the homepage.

Gurleen Kaur Bajwa:

Hindi and Punjabi translations for the promotional video.

Luis Marchese Del Valle:

Spanish translation for the promotional video.

Amir Etminanrad:

Persian translation for the promotional video.


Chinese, traditional and simplified, translation for the promotional video.

Galen Seilis:

Advisor helping guide the dry lab with the wiki and molecular dynamics.



Icons have been used from Font Awesome in the svg format and the colors of the icons were changed in the code.

Financial support

Mark Barnes

Provided advice during the generation of our sponsorship document.

The Office of Research

Kindly donated 800 CAD towards registration for the Jamboree.

UNBC Image

IDT provided 20 kbp free for all iGEM teams.

IDT Image

The molecular dynamics research was enabled in part by support provided by WestGrid and Compute Canada.