Team:Nanjing high school/Notebook


14th July
Ice breaking
Brainstorm: team name and merch
Design team logo
15th July
Making LB solid culture medium
Add plasmids into competent cells
Cultivate E. coli bacteria
Prepare petri
16th July
Making LB Liquid Culture Medium
Making PBS Buffer
Cultivating Monoclonal Bacterial Colonies
17th July
Picking single bacterium to the liquid culture medium
Expand the bacteria cultivation
IPTG Induction of PPM1A Protein Expression
18th July
Bacteria ultrasonic disruption
Bacteria Centrifugation
Protein Purification
19th July
Cell recovery
PPM1A Protein Concentration
PPM1A purification
20th July
Change Culture Medium
21st July
Grind the tissue sample and place it on ice for cleavage
Centrifugation of RNA
Heat to dissolve with DEPC
22nd July
RNA Inverse Transcription
PCR amplification
23rd July
Produce a mix of forward primer, reverse primer and DEPC water
Produce a mix of cDNA, SYBR and primer mixture