Team:Nanjing high school/Model


We screened the PPM1A activator, No. 5 (tacrolimus) among the compounds by phosphatase enzyme activity assay which posses highest activity against PPM1A.
In addition, we further explored the relationship between the compound 5 dose and the PPM1A enzyme activity to determine if it is dose-dependently.
Below is the initial data:
Table 1. PPM1A enzyme activity test result of compound 5 (tacrolimus)
According to the scatter diagram, we chose to adopt the following exponential equation:
dydx = a(y-c)
And its analytic expression will be:
y = beax + c
We used Matlab to import the above data to receive the following model result (Figure 1) with the fitting degree 0.98:
Figure 1. Model result
Figure 2. Curve of the model y = beax + c
As seen in figure 2, it indicates that compound 5 (tacrolimus) is able to dose-dependently enhance PPM1A enzyme activity but it would flatten out during the high dose of compound 5. This model might be served as the reference for future implementation of the tacrolimus to contribute to the treatment of microgliosis-related disease.