Team:Nanjing high school/Collaborations


Collaboration with Shanghai_Metro_Utd
The team that collaborated with us was called Bloody Marry. Their major study is prokaryotic expression and purification of angiogenin and how does it interact with heparan sulfate. Angiogenin is an RNA enzyme that kills bacteria, promotes wound healing, and protects neurons. Because their wet team classmates didn’t attend the meeting, we mainly focused on the dry lab.
The team and individual goals:
As for what inspired this topic, the group leader said that it was because, during the research, group members found that many young people did not have a deep understanding of this kind of disease. However, this kind of disease was widespread but not lethal. Nevertheless, it was a dangerous disease. As a result, they researched to study new methods to solve problems and popularize scientific knowledge. Individuals in the team also had their own goals. One team member said that this activity improved his ability to communicate with others, exercised his work efficiency, and made himself more outgoing.
The collaboration between the dry lab and wet lab:
According to their introduction, we knew that wet and dry lab members have close communication at work. For instance, the leader of the wet lab conducts a detailed experimental report every day to make sure dry labs have an in-depth understanding of what they are doing and check if there is any problem. In addition, when dry lab members encounter an incomprehensible part of the experiment, wet lab members will answer in time. They always organize league-building activities, which bring friendships closer. Although they get along very well, they have also had some divergence in the middle. For example, during a class discussion, there was a problem with the unification of their logo. It was designed in several colors, but only a few wet lab members participated in the voting. In this situation, some of the web lab members who didn’t join the discussion were not satisfied with the logo, which caused some conflicts. Even if they once argued, they solved the problem well finally.
The commercialization process
While communicating, we learned that the blood Mary team is facing problems in presenting research results. Specifically, their team members had different opinions on the positioning of the researched drug. In addition, because this problem could not be solved, they did not have an accurate estimate of the funding required for the research. Our team also encountered similar problems in previous studies. At first, we hoped to make our medicine into health care products, but after communicating with Professor Xu in biology. We understand that the ingredients of health care products can only contain natural compounds without side effects. However, it is tough for our drugs to meet these requirements. So we had to change our strategy. Finally, we decided to make our research results into a drug that can cure various neurodegenerative diseases with few side effects. After the blood Mary team exchanged ideas with us, they thought our methods were beneficial for them, giving them a clearer picture of the future research direction and funding.
Both of the teams are very satisfied with this collaboration, and We also continued to communicate online after this meeting. We look forward to meeting again in the lab or conference room.
Collaboration with Shanghai_Metropolis
The second Chinese team that we collaborated with was EV71terminator(Shanghai_Metropolis). Due to HFMD being a contagious viral infection, they aimed to develop an EV71 oral vaccine since many of the infected children may be afraid of traditional injection-based vaccines, which will gain higher compliance among infant patients. Then we talked about our project. We invited them to participate in the presentation of our team. We showed what we were working on and what we were aiming for. At the same time, we showed them our daily life in the team lab. We got to know each other and discussed many topics such as product development and promotion, cooperation between dry and wet teams, etc. Since our research direction is related to medicine, the audience will be similar. By taking this opportunity, we learned a lot of knowledge about business promotion from each other. In the end, we paid attention to each other's propaganda platform and hoped to carry out further cooperation in the future.
Collaboration with Shanghai_United
To push the research of both teams, we collaborated with ASeeker (Shanghai_United). We shared some experience on how to write a business plan. For example, the plan of selling products, the obstacles we met, the competitiveness of their products and the customers, an estimate of the budget, and the future market outlook for the products we developed. They also give us some ways to promote the topic to the public, how to cooperate between dry and wet teams. we got a lot of experience. After being acquainted with them, such as the purpose of their research, the target audiences they are focusing on, and the future of the products they are now studying with, we know that their topic is very useful and meaningful for the public. We communicate with each other on WeChat to keep connected every day to solve the problems immediately. The communication between the two teams is mutually beneficial.