Team:Nanjing high school/Attributions


Dry Lab
-Introduction Part: Frank Yang ,Xiaotian Zhang,Audrey Wang,Tony Jiao,Cherry Zhao
-Wiki Fundraising:Angelina Lim, Cherry Zhao, Volcano Xu,Xiaotian Zhang
-Collboration:Angelina Lim, Han Zhu, Volcano Xu,Xiaotian Zhang
-Future Plan: Han Zhu, Xiaotian Zhang,Liang Liang
-Inspiration: Angelina Lim,Audrey Wan,Cathy Wu,Olina Huang, Vera Zhang, Cherry Zhao
-Entreupreneship:Volcano Xu Xiaotian Zhang
Business Plan
-PPT layout:Angelina Lim, Cherry Zhao, Audrey Wang,Tony Jiao, Han Zhu
-PPT modification: Han Zhu Frank Yang, Cherry Zhao, Liang Liang, Kalena Wu, Audrey Wang,Cathy Wu,Tony Jiao,Olina Huang
-Customer Analysis: Frank Yang,Olina Huang
-Summary: Han Zhu, Audrey Wang
-SWOT:Angelina Lim, Vera Zhang, Audrey Wang,Violin Wang,Volcano Xu, Cherry Zhao 4P:Audrey Wang,Yansong Wan
-Products designing and purchasing: Angelina Lim, Volcano Xu,Yansong Wan,Xiaotian Zhang, Audrey Wan,Olina Huang, Vera Zhang (kit design)
-Schedule arranging: Angelina Lim, Volcano Xu
-Roll-Screen designing: Angelina Lim, Vera Zhang
-Charge to an account: Angelina Lim
Expert Interview
-Raise questions: The whole group
-Summarizing the questions: Angelina Lim, Volcano Xu ,Han Zhu, Xiaotian Zhang
-Recording:Angelina Lim, Han Zhu, Frank Yang, Olina Huang, Audrey Wang, Violin Wang,Vera Zhang,Tony Jiao
-Wechat Official Account: Han Zhu, Liang Liang, Cherry Zhao, Vera Zhang, Frank Yang, Olina Huang, Violin Wang, Angelina Lim,Cathy Wu,Yansong Wan ,Tony Jiao,Volcano Xu
- Electronic version: Frank Yang, Cathy Wu, Audrey Wang, Angelina Lim,Olina Huang
- Paper version: Han Zhu, Angelina Lim, Audrey Wang ,Violin Wang,Volcano Xu
-Cathy Wu, Audrey Wang, Violin Wang, Tony Jiao,Liang Liang
Wet Lab
        ● Preparing the experimental materials: Davis Su, Joe Wang, Bonnie Dong, Alice Zhang, Marcella Luo, Kalena Wu, Tiger Li, Alan Jiang
        ● Repeat the experiments: Davis Su, Joe Wang
        ● Recording the materials of the experiments: Alice Zhang, Bonnie Dong
        ● Recording the process of the experiments: Tiger Li, Davis Su, Alan Jiang, Kalena Wu, Marcella Luo
        ● Cleaning up the experimental areas: Kalena Wu, Alice Zhang
        ● Laboratory safety administrator: Alan Jiang
Writing the Lab Reports
        ● Background: Marcella Luo, Kalena Wu, Bonnie Dong
        ● Materials: Alice Zhang
        ● Process: Tiger Li, Davis Su, Bonnie Dong, Marcella Luo, Kelena Wu, Alan Jiang
        ● Conclusion: Tiger Li, Davis Sus
        ● Translation: Joe Wang
        ● Integration and editing: Tiger Li, Davis Su
Communication with the Stem team: Davis Su, Joe Wang, Bonnie Dong
Collaboration: Joe Wang, iGEM team-Healers on vessels (Shanghai_Metro_Utd)
Academic consultants:
Dr. Lv, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
M.D. Shen, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Academic support in biological science:
Dr. Lv, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
M.D. Shen, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Laboratory Support: Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine Biological and Medical Laboratory
Dr. Lv, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
M.D. Shen, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
iGEM team-Healers on vessels (Shanghai_Metro_Utd)
iGEM team - EV71 Terminator (Shanghai_Metropolis)
iGEM team - ASeeker (Shanghai_United)