Team:Nanjing high school/Fundraising


For our objective, we wanted to bring more people's attention to these inflammatory diseases, especially the middle-aged and senior people, because they are the most susceptible population. Secondly, we want to advertise our team. Finally, in the case of better visibility, it is more convenient for us to sell peripheral products.
To raise more funds, we come up with several ideas. In the beginning, we plan to divide the fundraising activities into indoor and outdoor activities. In outdoor activities, we mainly focus on charity sales. We put gifts with our team's logo in mystery boxes to attract more young people to understand and support our activities. Those who buy mystery boxes will get many exquisite gifts like quicksand bottles, canvas bags, bookmarks, and stickers. At the same time, our talented members will also bring excellent performances such as singing and dancing. In addition to charity sales and commissions, we will also invite passersby to fill out a questionnaire about our research topics.
In indoor activities, we plan to focus on popular science education. We work with the community to invite the elderly to participate in our activities. Considering that the preaching of scientific knowledge is too tedious, we have compiled a stage play that contains scientific knowledge. This play mainly tells the life of patients with Alzheimer's disease and the understanding of Alzheimer's disease. We expect that through this stage play, the old can understand Alzheimer's disease more directly. In addition to scientific knowledge, we also arranged many funny games and provided free eggs and edible oil. We firmly believe that through entertainment, we can attract many people to understand and support our activities.
Although everything was prepared, the plan was not up to date. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we were unable to organize fundraising events offline, and they can only be held online. To ensure the continued sale of our products, we decided to sell them in the WeChat store and official accounts.
Through the funds raised in these ways, we have obtained fundamental start-up funds. These funds help us better complete the early publicity and science work and help us contact people from all walks of life, including pharmaceutical companies and scientific researchers. Through contact with this personnel, our company hopes to obtain more resource integration and follow-up funds.