Team:Nanjing high school/Members


Members of Wet Lab
Junyi Luo(Marcella Luo)
Hi, my name is JunYi Luo, or Marcella. I'm a rising senior from Nanjing Foreign Language School International Centre. I enjoy playing tennis and debating. Besides this, I'm interested in Biology as well as Economics and hope to take medicine as my future major. It's an honor to be part of team Neuron Target. As one of the members in wet team, I'm responsible for performing experiments and writing background part of our report. I hope I can gain more lab and research experience through this competition.
Wu Tong(Kalena Wu)
Hi, my name is Wu Tong, and you can also call me Kalena. I came from Nanjing Foreign Language School International Centre. I'm very interested in psychology and biology and hope to major in clinical Psychology in collage. In daily lives, I enjoys swimming and watching anime. As a member in the wet team, I'm responsible for the data recording and report writing. I hope I can learn more practical experiences and knowledge beyond the textbook in this competition.
Xifan Zhang(Alice Zhang)
Hi guys, my name is Xifan Zhang, or you can call me Alice. I'm from Xi 'an, China. I'm a senior from Grier High School at Pennsylvania in the United States. I am very interested in biology and I enjoy doing experiments. I have many hobbies, such as riding, swimming and doing all the handmade stuff. I'm supper patient and friendly. I really enjoy doing teamwork, it feels amazing to work together and help each other. And it's so nice to get to know my team members, and I am honored to work with such excellent teammates, I have learned so much from them.
Zhichen Li(Tiger Li)
My name is Zhichen Li. You can also call me Tiger. I'm a rising junior from Bancroft School. I love running. I am in the school's cross country and track-and-field teams. I'm good at Chemistry and Web design. I participate in iGEM to learn more about biology. I'm one of the key members of the wet lab. I'm responsible for performing part of the experiments and writing the procedure part of our lab report. I'm looking forward to learn more about researching and working in labs.
Yizhou Wang(Joe Wang)
Hello everyone, I'm Yizhou Wang. I'm a senior from Xiamen No.1 Middle School. I love bicycle racing and piano, and particularly paleontology. I love to study dinosaurs and the environment and also other creatures in their era. I'm interested in and also good at chemistry and biology as well as computer modeling. I participate in iGEM to improve my experiment knowledge, strengthen my ability of self-learning also to gain experience of operating. I'm also very interested in both the theories behind and also the effect that can be brought to the society of our project, and did a lot of research of the project.
DongHui Su(Davis Su)
Hi! My name is DongHui Su, you can also call me Davis. I'm a senior from Nanjing Foreign Language School- British Columbia Academy.I always enjoy my time playing tennis and basketball. I am mainly responsible for doing experiments and instructing teammates. I am good at chemistry and biology, and I am very familiar with the operation in the laboratory. I always look forward to having a job in a biological laboratory in the future. The purposes that I participate in iGEM and be a member of wet team is to improve my experiment knowledge and improve myself though operation. I am very happy to be responsible for the team and organize the members to complete the experimental tasks reasonably.
Yibo Dong(Bonnie Dong)
Hi there, my name is Yibo (Bonnie) Dong from Nanjing, China. I am going to become an eleven-grade student in September, 2021 in the international department of Nanjing Hexi Foreign Language School. It is my honor to be a member of the wet team of Neuron Target to join the iGEM 2021 Competition.This valuable experience greatly enhanced my understanding of molecular biology and genetic engineering. In addition, I am fond of doing all kinds of experiments in the laboratory and looking forward to studying pharmacy in the future. Therefore, I enjoyed all the time we have spent in the laboratory, even if it occupied most of our daytime during the training. Moreover, iGEM does not only improve my academic skills, but also helps cultivate my interpersonal skills, team spirit, and the sense of responsibility through various collaborative group work.
Jiang Bangyan(Alan Jiang)
Hi, everybody, I am Jiang Bangyan from changzhou China, or you can call me Alan. I study at Changzhou senior high school in my hometown. I am interested in physics, chemistry and biology. I do well in my academic performance, especially physics work. I also take part in my school football team and I play as a role of the left forward. In our iGEM team, I am a lab-reseacher, I haven't been in a real lab and I learnt a lot from the professors, other team members and our project.
Members of Dry Lab
Wang Yaoli(Violin Wang)
My name is Violin Wang. I am 17 years old. My hobby is playing football, swimming and playing video games. My favourite subject is Physics and I want to be a physician in the future. In addition, I love Chemistry and Biology too. I love observing organisms’ behaviors and analyzing the reason of these phenomena. Moreover, I am very active and friendly. I love to communicate with others and make friends with strangers. I also like to corporate with others. So I participate in the iGEM and want to corporate with my team members to get the achievement.
Wu Guiwan(Cathy Wu)
Hello everyone! I’m Cathy Wu from Guangzhou, China. Currently, I am a senior at Yeh Wah International Education School. I am interested in Economics and History.However, apart from these academic subjects in school, I also have other hobbies like playing badminton and the piano in my spare time. This is my first time participating in IGEM competition, and I am a member of the dry lab. I did learn a lot from this unique experience, such as writing a business plan, writing and planning a drama show for public education. What’s more, I made a lot of friends during our activities and I really enjoyed working with them! Finally, with our joint efforts, I wish we can get a good result.
Lim Jiachen(Angelina Lim)
Hi, I am Angelina, and I am a junior studying in HFI. I am 15 years old now, and I have a lot of hobbies, especially in music. I can play different kinds of instruments, such as bass, guitar, keyboard, drums, pipa, and piano. I participated in many competitions, and won the national bass championship and has been on CCTV twice. It seems like I am an art fanatic, doesn’t it? Well, you may be surprised that my favorite subject is Math because I enjoy the process of figuring out a difficult mathematic problem. I plan to study communication in the university. In iGEM, I have leant the ability of communicating with others, and also had my leadership capacity trained.
Can Xu(Volcano Xu)
I am Can Xu. I am a second-grader from Wuhan. In the future, I want to major in Business. My hobbies are singing and writing. I really want to meet new friends and learn more professional knowledge through this activity. So I have been looking forward to this IGEM competition since I came to Nanjing. In these days,I met many new friends from all over the world. I got to know my classmates soon, and we became familiar friends. The daily routines soon made me feel a sense of belonging. I enjoyed working together and studying together every day. We learned more by helping each other.
Jiao Weijin(Tony Jiao)
I'm a member of the team at Neuron Target, and our research project is the discovery of anti-microglial lead compounds based on PPM1A Target regulation strategies. Our team is made up of 22 mates altogether. I'm part of the team. On the first day, me and other members customized the team uniforms, designed the logo and planned the team name. Later, I also designed the Roll-up banner and the business plan with other teammates. After that, I also interviewed some professors and sorted out their valuable suggestions for us. After that, we also talked to members of other teams.
Vera Zhang
Hello everyone, my name is Vera Zhang. I am an A1 student who comes from Shenzhen College of International School. I am interested in Finance and Psychology as my future major. Besides, I am also interested in dancing jazz. From my perspective, I am an extrovert and I constantly have a good mood, thus I can get along well with my teammates while we are doing works. iGEM project must be a special experience for me, I will try my best to contribute to the team as much as I can and also learn from the experience.
Zhang Xiaotian
Hi! I am Xiaotian Zhang. Xi'an is my hometown and I’m 17 years old this year. Now I am studying at Yuandong No. 2 high School. In my daily life, I’m interested in Economics and Biology. So I participated in the iGEM competition and became a member of the dry lab. During the activities, I made many good friends and gained a lot of knowledge about economics and biology. In addition, through cooperation and communication with each team member, I think our team is united and friendly collective. So I will do my best to make a greater contribution to our team.
Liang Qingyu(Liang Liang)
My name is Liang Qingyu and I come from Hefei City, Anhui Province. I am going to be a senior in high school. I am currently studying in Hefei No.6 High School North American Center and hope to study Social Science in the future. I have a wide range of interests, such as making crafts, watching movies and playing games. I love carving rubber stamps, making wool felt and building blocks. The movie genres that attract me most are animation, fantasy and science fiction. Dreamworks Animation is my favorite animation company. My favorite types of games are RPGS, Simulation Game and Open World.
Wang Yuyan(Audrey Wang)
Hello everyone, my name is Audrey Wang, and I am a high school student in Wuhan SannewSchool. I am a member of the dry lab, and I like business, finance, art, biology, etc. In my spare time, I also perform activities such as singing, dancing, and drawing. I like doing these things very much, and I feel very happy whenever I do these things. In addition, I can also write poems. I have organized my classmates to write poems together and edited them into a collection of poems. Besides my hobbies, I like to make friends and interact with people. Therefore, participating in IGME not only improved my business ability, such as writing BP, making wiki, but also made me get to know many friends. I believe this experience will leave a lot of color in my study career.
Wan Yansong
Hello everyone, my name is Wan Yansong, 17 years old, from Yinchuan, China, studying in Ningxia Yinchuan No.1 Middle School. I am very honored to participate in the IGEM competition. I am very interested in business and basketball. I often watch the games of NBA and CBA and study the basketball teams and games. I also like listening to music and running. I'm a competent team player. In our team, I will try my best to do every task well, cooperate well with each team member, communicate more and help more. At the same time, our team has a lot of good players, from whom I learned a lot.
Huang Zhenghao(Olina Huang)
Hi everyone, this is Huang Zhenghao, I’m 17 years old and I come from Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. Crazy about biology and chemistry since an early age, so much so that I am honored to participate in the iGEM competition. I am willing to explore this in depth. Also, as time goes by, I also like photography, reading and art. I am a person with strong learning ability, curiosity and team spirit. During the tasks which I am responsible for, I actively cooperate with other team members every day, and I like the lively atmosphere of our team very much. ,I am a positive communicator,and I will communicate in time if there is a small problem. I am also very grateful to each member of the team for not only being beneficial to me as regards to knowledge, but also for many helps I gained from them.
Zhu Yihang(Han Zhu)
I'm Yihang Zhu, a second-year high school student from Hefei, Anhui, China, whose English name is Han. I am good at economics, statistics, and computer science, so I enrolled in tasks about these disciplines. In the process, I'll take responsibility for the critical revision of public numbers, writing plans, interviewing questions, collecting data, and helping team members deal with the work they feel hard to solve. I hope to improve my communication ability and develop my professional talents in this process. I also hope to open my horizons in communication with other teams and recognize my superior teammates. Thank iGEM for giving me this precious opportunity.
Yang Haochen(Frank Yang)
Hi, My name is Frank Yang, I am from China. I’ve been studying in the United States for three years and I’m going to be a high school senior next semester. I love to play tennis and I’m also a member of the varsity tennis team in our school. The reason that I want to join the dry lab of iGEM team is because I want to improve my business skills and media skills which will lay a solid foundation to my future major. Lastly, I will try my best to cooperate with my teammates.
Zhao Zixin(Cherry Zhao)
Hi there. I am Zixin Zhao from Hefei No.1 high school. As a student who plans to major in Business, Economics and Finance are my two favorite subjects. To talk about the two things I am passionate about must be entrepreneurship and public welfare. I devote myself to creating original things and assisting children with leukemia. Through these two essential parts of my life, I develop many skills including marketing, writing, and communicating. Hopefully, what I learned before would help me finish the tasks better in iGEM. I am willing to dedicate myself as well as my knowledge to my team as much as possible.