Team:Nanjing high school



Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. are called neurodegeneration diseases that have caused thousands of degenerated elders and even youngsters, and have become a major social issue. These neurodegeneration diseases are caused by excessive inflammation. Currently, there is no efficient method or medicine that can be applied to cure or effectively ease these diseases. Here, our project presents a novel target- PPM1A, which is a kind of protein phosphatase for medical usage that can prevent and ease inflammation response. The PPM1A activator can be used to repress the expression of certain genes through dephosphorylation in the microglia to prevent it from turning into M1 type. In our work, Compound 5 was demonstrated as a PPM1A activator and its anti-inflammatory effect was determined. We believe implementing Compound 5 into medical usage will provide a more efficient and effective way to prevent neurodegeneration diseases.