(Silver Medal#2)

   During the iGEM competition, we jointly organized nine sessions. In these sessions, we enhanced communication and collaborated with other iGEM teams in different regions, by setting different conference topics, such as educational, human practice, experimental, and more. Specifically, thanks to all teams that have helped us along the way. Herein, to better reflect the cooperative team, we showed our collaboration according the growing line of our team, including the beginning of our dream, as a new comer, getting better, and taking charge as chief.

The beginning of our dream


   In January 2021, we contacted the XMU-China team at Xiamen University. As a first-time team, we communicated a lot with the XMU-China team, like assigning team tasks, group dry and wet teams, and exchanged team operations experience. Through communication, we deepened our understanding of the project competition rules, which enhanced our confidence in the future progress of the project.
We are sharing our own project content.

As a new comer


   In April 2021, we worked with NJU-China to host the regional iGEM conference in Nanjing. In this meeting, we introduced our project design and project progress. After the meeting, other team members, including NJU, NAU-China, NJTech-China, enthusiastically and actively provided us with their public account resources and composition resources. With so many excellent teams to fight side by side, we are full of hope and confidence in the future.
Our member is explaining our subject direction.
Photo of the participants


   On August 14, we organized a meetup with BNU-China. Team representatives shared each team’s experimental process and experiences from the project introduction to the human practice report. Many of these universities shared the production process of the model, which provided new ideas for other teams. At the same time, our team's rich and excellent human practice work was unanimously praised.
Photo of the participants
Teacher comment

Getting better


   On August 15th, our team held the iGEM mid-term exchange meeting with Nanjing Growth Enterprise Board Association and Nanjing Agricultural University. Five teams from Nanjing reported their project and exchanged experiences in this meeting. Specifically, guest comments gave us a lot of inspiration to find more possible directions for this project.
Photo taken at the meeting
Our captain is sharing our research content

@CCiC Conference

   From August 27 to August 29, our team participated in the 8th China iGEMer Exchange Conference (CCiC Conference). CCiC is currently the world's largest regional iGEMer conference event designed to build a platform for iGEMer in China. During the conference, we listened to the project reports of other teams, and re-considered our projects from another perspective, which was helpful for us to design the HP part. At the same time, we have gained many opportunities for cooperation. We are very grateful to the experienced team and experts for their advice.
The CCiC courses that we participated in producing


   On August 29, we jointly held a meetup with ASTWS-China, Worldshaper-Nanjing, iBowu-Beijing. The meeting invited Ambassador Asia-Jiao Zhandong, academic director of Biology of Sipu College-Shi Ruyi. During the meeting, each team introduced their project content and communicated the difficulties encountered in the hp process. For the later application aspects of our project, experts in this meeting suggested us to find other specialists in the aquatic industry or companies engaged in antimicrobial peptide production to cooperate. Through this meetup, each team benefited a lot.
Photo of the participants
Photo taken at the meeting


   On September 12th, we held a CRISPR Exchange conference with TJU, and 11 teams shared their experiences and issues with their respective CRISPR experiments. After the meeting, TJU produced a "CRISPR Application Guide", and we were delighted to be involved in this activity. We hope to help the future iGemer to complete the CRISPR experiments.
Our captain is sharing our research content
CRISPR Application Guide

Take charge as chief


   We enthusiastically offered advice and help when learning that BJU-China needed to knock out the TnaA gene. With the joint efforts, we have successfully used pCas (BBa_K3868095) plasmid to help BJU-China knock out the TnaA gene in E. coli.
   On September 27, our team, as the organizer, hosted a meetup of a cell factory-themed picture book collection. We collected picture books independently produced from several teams during the event, including NWU-China-B, FZU-China, etc. Through the further discussion, we determined the theme of the picture book set. Then, each team cooperated to complete the production of the cover, catalogue and bottom cover. The cooperative picture book collection will be distributed through both online and offline channels, which will play a great role in the science popularization of synthetic biology.
The meeting host made the speech.
Photo taken at the meeting
Cover of the picture book set
The bottom of the picture book collection


   On October 2nd, we held the One Health Promotion Conference with NJU-China. During the meeting, the person in charge of the One Health community introduced the concept and previous work of the club to us. Teacher RuQian Zhao affirmed and appreciated the project significance of our antimicrobial peptides. We hope that we can carry forward the overall development concept of One Health to track the source of problems for creating a win-win situation for the future health community with a shared future for humanity through the platform of the iGEM competition.
The introduction of One Health
meeting host made the speech
   We spanned the limitations of space and time by holding online meetings and achieved communication and help with other teams. Specifically, we gained experience, knowledge, and a precious friendship in the iGEM competition.