This year, among the 79 parts designed, 44 of them are basic parts and the rest are composite parts. All of the parts are designed by ourselves, and most of them have been tested to insure their reliability. You can click here to learn more about our project to see their specific function, or click on the part numbers when browse website.
Name Type Description Designer Length
BBa_K3868046 Coding SpCas9 Yan Xu 4107
BBa_K3868047 Regulatory Pcas Yan Xu 226
BBa_K3868048 Coding paraB-λ-red Yan Xu 2094
BBa_K3868050 Coding sgRNA-8G Yan Xu 271
BBa_K3868052 Terminator spy-ter Yan Xu 40
BBa_K3868053 Coding dspCas9-linker Yan Xu 4467
BBa_K3868054 Coding CDA Yan Xu 624
BBa_K3868055 Coding UGI Yan Xu 252
BBa_K3868056 Coding LVA Yan Xu 9
BBa_K3868057 Coding sgRNA1 Yan Xu 271
BBa_K3868058 Coding sgRNA2 Yan Xu 271
BBa_K3868059 Coding sgRNA-CM Yan Xu 271
BBa_K3868060 Coding MME Yan Xu 90
BBa_K3868061 Coding Fa-AMP1 Yan Xu 120
BBa_K3868062 Coding Alloferon-1 Yan Xu 39
BBa_K3868063 Coding Oxysterlin 1 Yan Xu 117
BBa_K3868064 Coding LL-37 Yan Xu 111
BBa_K3868065 Coding SMAP-29 Yan Xu 87
BBa_K3868066 Coding DCD-1L Yan Xu 141
BBa_K3868067 Coding SPINK9 Yan Xu 189
BBa_K3868068 Coding PEW300 Yan Xu 111
BBa_K3868071 Coding EGFP-His-tag Yan Xu 735
BBa_K3868072 Coding thrombin Yan Xu 18
BBa_K3868074 Regulatory pYLXP-1 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868075 Regulatory pYLXP-2 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868076 Regulatory pYLXP-3 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868077 Regulatory pYLXP-4 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868078 Regulatory pYLXP-5 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868079 Regulatory pYLXP-6 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868080 Regulatory pYLXP-7 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868081 Regulatory pYLXP-8 Yan Xu 1482
BBa_K3868082 Regulatory pYLXP-9 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868083 Regulatory pYLXP-10 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868084 Regulatory pYLXP-11 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868085 Regulatory pYLXP-12 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868086 Regulatory pYLXP-13 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868087 Regulatory pYLXP-14 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868088 Regulatory pYLXP-15 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868089 Regulatory pYLXP-16 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868090 Regulatory pYLXP-17 Yan Xu 1493
BBa_K3868091 Regulatory pYLXP-18 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868092 Regulatory pYLXP-19 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868093 Regulatory pYLXP-20 Yan Xu 1500
BBa_K3868094 Coding ID13 Yan Xu 120
Name Type Description Designer Length
BBa_K3868095 Composite pCas Yan Xu 5269
BBa_K3868096 Composite pTarget-8G Yan Xu 362
BBa_K3868097 Composite pCBE Yan Xu 5604
BBa_K3868098 Composite pTargetS Yan Xu 732
BBa_K3868099 Composite pTarget-Donor Yan Xu 362
BBa_K3868100 Composite pET-MME-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868101 Composite pET-Fa-AMP1-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868102 Composite pET-Alloferon-1-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868103 Composite pET-Oxysterlin 1-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868104 Composite pET-LL-37-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868105 Composite pET-SMAP-29-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868106 Composite pET-DCD-1L-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868107 Composite pET-SPINK9-eGFP Yan Xu 2004
BBa_K3868108 Composite pET-PEW300-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868109 Composite pET-ID13-eGFP Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868110 Composite pYLXP-1-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868111 Composite pYLXP-2-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868112 Composite pYLXP-3-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868113 Composite pYLXP-4-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868114 Composite pYLXP-5-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868115 Composite pYLXP-6-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868116 Composite pYLXP-7-Nluc Yan Xu 2015
BBa_K3868117 Composite pYLXP-8-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868118 Composite pYLXP-9-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868119 Composite pYLXP-10-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868120 Composite pYLXP-11-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868121 Composite pYLXP-12-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868122 Composite pYLXP-13-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868123 Composite pYLXP-14-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868124 Composite pYLXP-15-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868125 Composite pYLXP-16-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868126 Composite pYLXP-17-Nluc Yan Xu 2015
BBa_K3868127 Composite pYLXP-18-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868128 Composite pYLXP-19-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
BBa_K3868129 Composite pYLXP-20-Nluc Yan Xu 2022
Among the 79 basic parts designed this year by ourselves, BBa_K3868100 - BBa_K3868109 are our favorite parts, which are based on the plasmid of pET-24a(Fig. 1). The C-terminal of AMP was fused with eGFP in order to characterize the yield of AMP. The pET-24a was provided by our PI. Moreover, in order to purify the AMP, the enzyme loci of thrombin was inserted between AMP and eGFP, and the label of 6*His was inserted at the end of eGFP, yielding the plasmid of pET-AMP-eGFP. As a result, these pET-AMP-eGFP plasmids could not only indicate the expression level of AMPs by the fluorescence intensity of eGFP, but also be good for later purification and separation with His-Tag and the enzyme loci of thrombin.
Fig. 1. The Schematic diagram of pET-AMP-eGFP