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Primary PI

Meet Dr. Ashish Prabhu, the founding father of iGEM NITW chapter. As the captain of the ship, he ensured the smooth sailing in this long voyage with great personal efforts. His enthusiasm for this iGEM project was incredibly motivating to us. His intelligence, humour and kindness created a positive environment for the team to keep working and flourish. His research interest lies in developing an effective bioprocess strategy for enhanced production of value-added bio-molecules using renewable carbon sources.

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Dr. Ashish Prabhu

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Dr. Thyageshwar Chandran

Secondary PI

Meet Dr. Thyageshwar Chandran, an assistant professor at Department of Biotechnology, NITW. He has been pivotal in setting up the team in its initial shape and helped in generating ideas, processes and frameworks throughout the iGEM cycle. A PhD graduate from IISc Bangalore, his field of research is to predict the structures of naturally occurring biomolecules and to elucidate their interactions with ligands and other biomolecules.

Our Advisors

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Krishna Gupta

Heylo, I am Krishna an advisor to the iGEM NIT Warangal team. My research is based on molecular bioengineering. I work towards creating novel diagnostic platforms and biomaterials. I also love memes. The reason I chose iGEM is because it illustrates the research microcosm-ideation, implementation, failure and collaborations.

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Simran Asawa

I am Simran, an advisor in the iGEM NIT Warangal team. I work in translational medical research applying organoid technology in immuno-oncology. Apart from research, I love photography, poetry and travelling. I chose iGEM because it's a unique platform to foster scientific creativity and its translation beyond the lab.

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Santanu Sasidharan

Hi, I am Santanu. I am an advisor in the iGEM NIT Warangal team, my research is based on molecular parasitology and apart from research, I love photography. The reason I chose iGEM is because it brings innovation and science to all.

Our Team

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Kavya Prince

Co-Team Leader

Hi, I'm Kavya. My interests lie in molecular biology and genetics. I love playing video games, watching Youtube and rewatching the same shows. I joined iGEM because I want to work on biology, discover synthetic biology alongside inspiring people.

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Snehdeep Kumar

Team Leader

Hi, I'm Snehdeep. My field of interest is tissue engineering and drug discovery. A big K-Drama fan, I also love dancing and cooking. Travelling to Europe, learn swimming and start vlogging are on my to-do-list.

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Deepti Kumari

Financial Head

Hey, I am Deepti. I am deeply interested in genetics and data science. I love gardening, painting and photography. I joined iGEM to explore new ideas and get international exposure. I want to try trekking and scuba diving someday.

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Himanshu Ranjan

Dry Lab Head

Hi, I am Himanshu. I am interested in synthetic biology and genetics. I'm more inclined towards practical education. I wanna go on a survival trip with Bear Grylls. I love to write poems and compose music.

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Ruchir Pratape

Dry Lab Member

Hey I am Ruchir. I am interested in genetics and neuroscience, I love zip-lining. I joined iGEM to learn new stuff from people around the world. I wanna open a dog shelter and watch a football match at Old Trafford.

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Supreetha Nagaraju

Graphics Head

Hi, I am Supreetha. I am interested in cardiology. I love messing with my friends. I joined iGEM to work on a real-life project which involves different kinds of people with different skill sets. I wanna learn graphic designing and painting.

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Adesh Shivane

Design Member

Hola amigos. I am Adesh. I am interested in medical aspects of biotechnology. I like listening songs, watching cartoons and movies. I also like sketching and doodling. I joined iGEM to explore my skills, potential and to learn working in a team.

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Jyothirmayie Srija Nalam

Social Media Head

Hello, I am Srija. I am interested in evolutionary biology and DNA sequence of microbes. I joined iGEM to create a working tool for social wellbeing. I wanna go on a world tour and also learn painting.

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Jagan Mohan A

Dry Lab member

Hey, this is Jagan. I'm interested in genetics and biomaterials. I love travelling and wish to travel the world one day. Music + bike riding is my bae.

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Gurucharan Chundi

Wiki Manager

Namaste, I'm Gurucharan. I am interested in using technology to help solve critical problems in healthcare. I enjoy watching anime. I am glad to be a part of first iGEM team from our institute.

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Veena Gayathri Tamma

Dry Lab Member

Hi, I am Veena. I am interested in exploring depths of science. I joined iGEM to experience working with bio lovers. I want to learn surfing and become an entrepreneur.

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Tejasvi Gupta

Web Developer

Heyy, I'm Tejasvi. I am a budding web developer. I love to work with new technologies. I joined iGEM team as a web developer as it gave me an opportunity to work on a full project. I also love to binge-watch anime.

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Dry Lab Member

Heya Raghu here. I am interested in computational biology, drug design and machine learning. I love to play the piano, sing and play games, I aspire to be an entrepreneur.

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Maharshi Dixit

Content Writing Head

Myself Maharshi. I am interested in genetics, in particular gene sequencing. I love playing pranks on mates and I like to pen down all my bizarre thoughts. I wanna become an author.

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Purna Chandra Sekhar

Human Practices

Hey, I'm Purna. I am interested in mathematics. I love to watch films. I joined iGEM to get global exposure and to explore new disciplines of research. I wanna go on a world tour and learn music.

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Hitesh Sugandh


Hello Hitesh here, I am interested in biophysics and genetics. I joined iGEM because it encourages creating projects which have an impact on society, I wanna learn to dance and fly a drone.

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Ahmad Azeem Khan

Content Writing

Hi, I am Ahmad. I am interested in analytics. I love to watch anything mystery related. I joined iGEM to open myself to new experiences.