Team:NIT Warangal/Notebook

iGEM NIT_Warangal



20th January - Formation of a core team.

31st January - Meet with BITS Goa - they gave us a small introduction to the competition and showed us their wiki.


6th February - Meet with IIT Roorkee - Discussions with them regarding funding and their team plan for the previous year.

22nd February - All team members are finalized.

23rd February - We contact our advisors to join the team.

24th February - Entire team meet where all members interact with PI and the advisors - advisors give suggestions on choosing an idea.

25th February - We started brainstorming ideas.


1st March - All team members come with their ideas and give a small presentation on the topic and potential solutions.

6th March - Entire team meet to explore wikis of past teams.

10th March - Team narrows down to five topics and three members each work on a particular topic.

11th March - Team contacts HoD of Biotech Dept of NITW to intimate him regarding the project.

15th March - Team narrows down to 2 ideas - soil nutrient biosensors and cottonseed degossypolization.

17th March - Meet with iGEM India Ambassador, Shruti Sridhar to gain proper insight about iGEM and what to expect throughout the competition.

21st March - Finalising the Team structure.

25th March - Meet with Dr.Mahesh from the ECE Dept of NITW, who provided inputs regarding the feasibility of biosensors for soil nutrients.


3rd April - Meet with IISER Berhampur iGEM team of 2020 to discuss how to finalize an idea and talk about their experience of iGEM.

7th April - Decided upon the problem that we aim to solve - gossypol.

10th April - Funding Campaign starts.


18th April - iGEM committee set up in college.

19th April to 30th April - All members participate in a full-fledged public funding campaign.


3rd May - Started going through literature on gossypol toxicity.

8th May -Finalized the project brochure for public distribution.

12th May - Finalized the project brochure for companies.

17th May - Had our first meeting with our mentor Avadhoot Jadhav.

18th May - Secured the funds required for registration to the competition.

20th May - Presented the final outline of the project to the advisors.

21st May - Made a lab notebook for project documentation.

24th May - Finalized template for team introduction on social media.

25th May - Team leader attended a pan India iGEM Meet.

26th May - Team completes literature review.

28th May - Registered team for the iGEM competition.

30th May - Found the first batch of potential enzymes.


5th June - Decided upon the basic plan of action of the project.

6th June - Used Pharmmaper and started exploring docking software.

8th June - Discussed Pharmmaper results.

9th June - Attended the Safety Workshop conducted by iGEM Asia Ambassadors.

10th June - Attended a small workshop on PyMOL.

12st June - Dry lab team meets to discuss regarding CB-Dock server.

14th June - Decided to reject pharmmapper results and look for other software.

17th June - Entire team meet with Advisory Committee to discuss about CB-Dock.

18th June - Team starts screening using CB-Dock.

19th June - Have a meet with Avadhoot(iGEM mentor) to discuss about our project.

20th June - Team fills preliminary safety form.

24th June - Autodock workshop conducted by Santanu (our Advisor) sir for all dry lab members.

25th June - Had an in-depth discussion regarding protocol for autodock.

26th June to 30th June - All members familiarise themselves with Autodock Software.

29th June - Stitch software is suggested by our secondary PI as another potential screening tool.


3rd July - Meet with Dr.Keerti Rathore.

5th July - We start preparing the project promotion video.

7th July - STITCH is rejected.

12th July - 10 preliminary enzymes are finalized.

15th July - 2nd preliminary enzyme list is discussed.

16th July - 500 runs Autodock on 5 enzymes.

21st July - Approached by NextGen Scientists' Foundation for team interview.

23rd July to 25th July - All India iGEM Meet.

25th July - Presented at the meet.

27th July - Meet with the Advisory Committee to decide upon wet lab experiments.

31st July - Meet with IISER_TVM to discuss docking and protein modeling software.


2nd August - Team starts industry analysis of cotton sector in India.

3rd August - The team starts discussing Alpha-Fold 2 for protein modeling.

7th August - Team decides workflow for mutagenesis work.

8th August - Team learns how to use Discovery Studio.

9th August - Rolled out a survey for food and nutrition.

10th August - Team learns how to use UCSF Chimera.

12th August - Team learns about Ramachandran Plot Analysis.

13th August - Team starts Giant Jamboree funding.

14th August - Some of our team members have visited local cotton farms and interacted with cotton farmers.

15th August to 23th August - Team does mutagenesis work.

17th August - Drafted the basic outline for a symposium on Food Biotechnology.

19th August - Team logo is finalised.

24th August - Giant Jamboree Funding conducted full team.

26th August - Presented mutagenesis results to the Advisory Committee.

27th August - Final enzyme is decided


2nd September -Giant Jamboree Funding secured.

5th September - AlphaFold not possible due to low RAM and experienced a crash in results.

8th September - Team tries once more on Alpha Fold but still the same issue.

9th September - Registered for Giant Jamboree.

10th September -Meet with Avadhoot regarding updates.

11th September - Team leader attends Ambassador Cohort to talk about Giant Jamboree.

12th September -Wet lab experimentation and workflow finalized.

13th September - AlphaFold rejected since results are not possible.

14th September - Received codon-optimized script from GenScript.

15th September - iGEM vector journal article finalized.

16th September - Some of our team members have visited a nearby cottonseed oil processing industry

17th September - Meet with team iGEM Alma.

19th September - Wiki design starts.

20th September - SWISS-MODEL and RaptorX protein modelling.

21st September - Finalized Team Roster.

23th September - Food and Nutrition Track finalized on iGEM website.

24th September - Presentation Video Script and Preparation is started.

28th September - Submitted abstract and title of the project.

30th September - Submitted final Safety Form.


1st October - Preliminary Judging form submission.

3rd October - Wet lab work: cloning and expressions.

10th October - Meet with Surbhi Guha for Cost Analysis.

11th October - Finalized "Cos DeGos" name for the project.

12th October - Started the groundwork for the presentation video.

14th October - Meet with MIT_Mahe for feedback on their website for generating CAD model.

16th October - Put out a feedback form for our project.

17th October - Meet with IISER Mohali for business analysis.

17th October - Meet with IISc Bangalore.