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For the bronze medal criteria, we have submitted the deliverable promotional video video, presentation video, judging form and our wiki. In the attributions page on our wiki, we thanked everyone who contributed to the project and helped bring the idea to a reality. We have described the project and our inspiration in the Project description page. We have also created a contribution page where we provided an idea generation handbook, autodock protocol and much more for the future teams.

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For the silver medal criteria, we have demonstrated engineering success through an iteration of the engineering cycle for our project, and the various collaborations with our fellow iGEM teams helped each other to build a better project. We have also documented and have incorporated our interactions with the stakeholders and the general public in the Human Practices page. We thought about how our project would get implemented on a broader scale, challenges in doing so and in what way it will be helpful in the real world, which we have explained on our Implementation page.

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For the Gold medal criteria, we wrote about our interaction with farmers and experts and how we incorporated their advice into our project. It is equally important to integrate those suggestions in our project to deliver a better product and we did so, details of which could be found in the integrated human practises page. We also expanded on the experiments that demonstrated the project will work for the specific goal in the Proof of concept page.We realised the need for educating people and creating awareness about our project hence we worked on public outreach related to synthetic biology that can be found on the Education and Communication page. Finally, we presented the detailed explanation about the future of our project including the business aspects and the product deployment in the market on our Entrepreneurship page that would finally bring the project into existence.

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Number Criteria Link
1 Integrated human practices
2 Proof of Concept
3 Education and communication Communications:
4 Excellence in another area Entrepreneurship:

Special Prizes

In addition to fulfilling the medals criterias, we are also participating in other awards.

Best Integrated Human Practices

Our project aims at solving a local problem and involves many stakeholders including, farmers, small-scale cotton processing industries, etc. It is also evident that our project aims at contributing to solving the problem of malnutrition. Thus, Human practices are a very crucial aspect of our project. We interacted with as many stakeholders as possible, even during the pandemic, with all the restrictions. We interacted with farmers to know more about cotton cultivation. We got in touch with the cottonseed oil processing industries to get insights into cottonseed oil production. Interactions with the cottonseed oil industries also gave us insights into cottonseed cake production and industrial gossypol degradation methods. We also interacted with researchers who worked on gossypol before to get insights into the anatomy of cottonseed and the toxin gossypol. At each step of our human practices, we worked hard to ensure that every aspect is well-integrated into our project. The more stakeholders we interacted with, the better we tried to mold our project.

Best Supporting Entrepreneurship

During the interactions with our stakeholders, we realized the entrepreneurial potential of our project. Since then, we started analyzing the stakes involved in scaling up our project. We analyzed the current market situations by comparing the cottonseed prices with the prices of other similar protein sources. We also inspected the future scope of our market. We performed a SWOT analysis of our project to get more insights into the entrepreneurial aspects of our project. We had an interaction with an entrepreneur from the food and nutrition industry. The interaction gave us a lot of insights into the industry and various ways of approaching the market and consumers. We also conducted a public opinion survey to know if consumers are interested in our idea and want our product to be available in the market. With all these activities, we concluded that our project has a tremendous potential to be converted into an entrepreneurial idea. This idea would also ensure our contribution to solving the problem of malnutrition.