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Owing to the ongoing pandemic, our institute remained closed till the month of October, thus not giving us a good amount of time and exposure to the laboratories for the wet lab part of our project. The detailed protocols and experiments performed can be found on the
Experiments and Proof of Concept pages. With only two members of our team allowed on campus for a short amount of time, the following results were obtained:

Our results

Since we had access to the labs for only one week, we were unable to carry out laccase treatment on cottonseed meal (CSM) before wiki freeze. We plan to present the CSM treatment results during our judging session as by then we will have sufficient time to conduct the required experiments.

In our preliminary studies of Cottonseed Meal treatment by laccase, Gossypol degradation was found to be 72%. However, we will be conducting replications to confirm the results of the experiments and also perform optimizations as currently the treatment is not optimized.