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We aspired to be the first NIT from India to compete in this international scientific competition, proudly representing our institute on a worldwide platform. The collaborative efforts of several people made this idea a reality. We express our utmost gratitude to all those who helped us in accomplishing our dream.


The idea for the roadmap originated from Dr. Ashish A Prabhu, our Primary Project Instructor. He designed our project and helped us with fundraising, arranging lab space, tools, and equipments, mentoring students, assisting with presentations, safety forms, and providing expertise to the project. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to him for enabling us to compete in the iGEM competition and for giving us continual assistance and direction throughout the competition.

We would like to express our appreciation to Dr. Thyageshwar Chandran (Secondary Investigator), who guided us through the project and assisted us with sponsorship, presentation preparation, and clarification on the significance and importance of modelling results.


Simran Asawa, Doctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich. She made our project a success, brought our vision to reality by constantly guiding us right from the brainstorming days till the wiki freeze. She gave us a lot of insights for a successful presentation and her network of scientists and alumni abetted us with funding.

Krishna Gupta, Doctoral Researcher, Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany. He is the Life and soul of the team. He always has a solution for every problem. He helped us refine our project idea and in silico mutation to improve the functionality of already screened enzymes. We really learned a lot from his past experience of competing in iGEM.

Sasidharan Santanu, Research Scholar, NIT Warangal. He is an extremely down-to-earth person who showed us the right direction and saved us from drifting away. He contributed intellectually to the entire study, including the design, modeling, enzyme screening, and interpretation of data.

Our Team:

We come from interdisciplinary branches who collaborated to achieve a common goal. Our team joined together from the beginning, stayed together as we progressed, and worked together to achieve our objectives.

# Team Members Contributions
1 Snehdeep Kumar Team Leader, Torchbearer of iGEM NITW contributed in
1. Smooth execution of the project.
2. Human Practices and Collaborations.
3. Collaborating with different teams and institutions.
4. Designed and constructed a team roadmap.
2 Kavya Prince Co-Team Leader, Contributed in
1. Protein analysis and potential target analysis using RaptorX and Pharmmapper.
2. Protein Modeling and Analysis.
3. Experimental Design.
4. Literature research and wiki content.
3 Deepti Kumari Financial head, Contributed in
1. Managing the finances of the team.
2. Raising funds through sponsors.
3. Set up meetings with stakeholders.
4. Wiki content.
4 Himanshu Ranjan Dry Lab head, Contributed in
1. Analyzing the pre-existing research papers.
2. Used Snapgene and CB dock server for bioinformatic analysis.
3. Wet Lab experiments.
4. Promotional video.
5 Jyothirmayie Srija Nalam Social media head, Contributed in
1. Designing Social Media content.
2. Poster Designing and Graphics.
3. Logo Design.
6 Raghunandan Dry lab member, Contributed in
1. Dry Lab experiments.
2. Enzyme screening and Bioinformatics Analysis.
3. Screened, Mutated, and modeled the enzyme.
4. Experimental design.
7 Veena Gayathri Tamma Dry Lab member, Contributed in
1. Literature content curation.
2. Fundraising through sponsors.
3. Fixing meeting with Stakeholders.
8 A Jagan Mohan Dry Lab member, Contributed in
1. Industrial Outreach.
2. Dry Lab experiments.
3. Human Practices.
9 Ruchir Pratape Dry lab member, Contributed in
1. Used Discovery studio and CB-Dock
2. Literature research and wiki content.
3. Making and giving presentations.
10 Supreetha Nagaraju Graphics head, Contributed in
1. Wiki design.
2. Social media outreach.
3. Wet lab experiments.
11 Adesh Shivane Design member, Contributed in
1. Screening using CB Dock server.
2. Literature review.
12 Maharshi Dixit Content Writing Head Contributed in
1. Content for Wiki.
2. Social media outreach.
3. Collaboration with other teams
4. Running trials of docking the enzymes and the ligand using Autodock vina.
13 Hitesh Sugandh Designer, Contributed in
1. Pastoral design, wiki design and logo design.
2. Video creation and editing.
3. Mutagenesis of the enzyme through Chimera.
4. Content for Wiki.
14 Ahmad A Khan Content writing Member, Contributed in
1. Writing content for proof of concept.
2. Fundraising through sponsors.
3. Symposium.
15 Purna Chandra Sekhar Human Practices, Contributed in
1. Interaction and awareness generation about gossypol in the society.
2. Sponsorship.
3. Collaboration with other teams.
16 Gurucharan Chundi Wiki Manager, Contributed in
1. Wiki Development
2. Wiki Design.
17 Tejasvi Gupta Web developer, Contributed in
1. Wiki Development
2. Wiki design.

Sincerest gratitude towards:

Dr. P Onkara Perumal, Treasury head, iGEM NITW, for drafting the roadmap, suggestions on raising funds, and administrative support.

Dr. R.Satish Babu, Head of the iGEM NITW Advisory Committee, for providing an overview of our project and team process throughout the iGEM cycle.

Helping hands:

Avadhoot Jadhav, Our Mentor for helping us comprehend the competition's structure and the opportunities available to the team at iGEM.

Hemadri Raghu Vamshi, an Electronics and Communication Engineering undergrad, NITW, for guiding us in managing our team effectively.

Shreyash Gupta, a Biotechnology undergrad, NITW, for offering helpful suggestions while brainstorming.

Nandini Kanoria, a final year Biotechnology undergrad, NITW, for bringing wonderful ideas while brainstorming.

Special Thanks:

We express our gratitude to Dr. Keerti S. Rathore, Professor, The Texas A&M Institute for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology for his valuable suggestions for the success of our project as his present research interests are in the genetic improvement of important dicot and monocot crops.

Reticulum (previously known as Bionitwork), Our gold sponsor, A networking community of STEM professionals and students, for believing in us and our initiative.

Anjali Moharir, Aneesh, Vipin Jain, K.C Surender - our top in-person sponsors for their financial assistance for our project.

Emmessar Technologies Ltd. (ETL), the Platinum sponsor, and MSR Ayyangar, Managing director of ETL for supporting us financially, and Jeyavel B Nadar, Director of ETL for carrying out the entire communication. ETL is a healthcare and nutritional products company that uses ancient wisdom and modern technology to treat a wide range of ailments.

We raised funds for our project through the crowdfunding platform Ketto, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed to our fundraising campaign.

Finally, we are immensely thankful for the invaluable support of our institute,
NIT Warangal, without which participation in this prestigious competition would not have been possible.

We would like to thank team iGEM BITSPilani-Goa_India 2020 for developing the
software iGEM WikiSync and for providing extensive documentation on its usage. This helped us a lot during wiki development.

Others :