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Basic Parts

BBa_K4077000 was added as a basic part and is a laccase found in a fungus known as Melanocarpus albomyces. This sequence was optimised by GenScript for expression in Pichia pastoris plasmid pPIC9k. Second basic part BBa_K4077003 , the plasmid that we used for our experiments. It is a modified Pichia pastoris expression vector (pPIC9K).

For efficient protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum, BBa_K4077005 was genetically engineered into the vector BBa_K4077003 . This is known as an alpha-factor secretion signal that is isolated from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It was added to the registry in the basic part category. For the detailed information about these parts, click on the links given below.

Name Type Description Designer Length (bp)
BBa_K4077000 Protein Domain Laccase from Melanocarpus
albomyces (Q70KY3)
Kavya Prince, Himanshu Ranjan 1677
BBa_K4077003 Plasmid Modified Pichia pastoris
Plasmid pPIC9K
Kavya Prince, Himanshu Ranjan 10947
BBa_K4077005 Signalling Native Saccharomyces cerevisiae
alpha-factor secretion signal
Himanshu Ranjan, Kavya Prince 267
BBa_K4077010 Tag Selectable marker to isolate Pichia recombinant strains. Himanshu Ranjan 2535

Composite Parts

Finally, the composite part we added to the registry was, BBa_K4077008 , which is the laccase gene insert, including promoter and terminators. It included the subparts, BBa_K3196036 and BBa_K3196026 , from iGEM 2019 team HUST China which were the AOX1 promoter and terminator sequences respectively. The sequences were found using the Registry BLAST. The AOX1 promoter sequence is isolated from the Pichia pastoris genome and genetically engineered into the pPIC9K expression vector.

The detailed information for this composite part is available on the main page of the registry page. Check it by clicking on the link available.

Name Type Description Designer Length (bp)
BBa_K4077008 DNA Laccase from Melanocarpus albomyces gene insert Kavya Prince, Himanshu Ranjan 5662