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  •     Hello world! We are high school team NEYCFLS_China. Our group consists of 13 members of versatile personalities and talents: eleven juniors and two sophomores grade members from Northeast Yucai Foreign Language School, China. Our Primary Instructor, Fengyao Wang, helped us organize the team. Our task is divided into four fields, including math modeling, chemistry, physics, and Human Practice. Most of the members have done multiple tasks.

  •     Completing all steps in iGEM was challenging for us. First, our campus still doesn't permit us to utilize the laboratory since it can be only used by chemistry and biology teachers, so we borrowed laboratories from SUCT (Shenyang University of Chemical Technology), spending weekends conducting experiments, sacrificing the time to rest. Second, our knowledge range is deeply confined. Before iGEM, no one in the group knew how to create websites, write HTML languages, or create math models since we didn't learn them in campus. Facing obstacles of lacking professional backgrounds, we didn't give up. Instead, our group leader and members self-studied basic knowledge and applied them to wikis, presentations, and other parts of iGEM contest. Third, seeking a professional for suggestions is difficult. Most subject teachers in our school cannot understand English, so they cannot assist us to amend essays. In addition, there are no previous students who have won medals in IGEM, so we do not have a reference.

  •     Nevertheless, we successfully conquer these problems. Through our painstaking efforts, we want to prove that although we live in a less developed area with devoid resources, we embrace new challenges and are adept at acquiring knowledge.

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  •     Cover photo by HP team members Zihan Zhou and Ziqi Gao. The characters were created by each member themselves, and Zihan and Ziqi help combine the characters into this picture.