Team:NEYCFLS China/Partnership

  • Team Management with Friendzymes

  •     At the start of our project, I (Victor) “enrolled” in a team management training program by team Open Science Global and has followed the discord channel ever since. Kahili, the manager of the project has taught me a lot about managing a large team, how to make sure our team members finish their tasks in the allotted time, how to keep track of team progress etc.

  •     With the help of the training program, we were able to finish our wiki and research projects quite efficiently. I would like to thank team Open Science Global for allowing me to learn the basics of putting together the huge team project, and put this experience on our wiki. Using ideas from Friendzymes, I put together a deadline table and another for everyone to clock out when they have finished their tasks. During the course of iGEM, there were just too many thing we had to write, and these tables helped organized things quite well.

  •     —> Check out the Team Management training via their team wiki or iGEM’s Collaboration Page []