Team:NEYCFLS China

  • Since its emergence in December 2019, Covid-19 has become a global threat, infecting hundreds of millions, and affecting billions. To help lower the risk of being infected while outdoors, NEYCFLS_China introduces to you: Argentum Nanoparticle Tie-dyeing Indigo against Virus (ANTI-Virus). Inspired by the traditional Chinese methods of tie-dyeing, we will use E.Coli to produce indigo, modify the indigo with silver nanoparticles, and apply the modified dye to the most outer layer of surgical masks. The masks that have been dyed with ANTI-Virus will prevent the viruses and bacteria in the air from adhering to the masks and kill those that somehow find a way to stay on masks, all when retaining the mask’s electric discharge and polypropylene network.