Team:NEYCFLS China/Attributions

  •     "As a student leader, I would like to use this page to give a shoutout to all of the wonderful people who have either directly or indirectly helped out with our project this year. Without you guys, I cannot imagine how our project would have turned out. I would also like to express my gratitude to the awesome team members of NEYCFLS_China. Usually, coordinating a group of thirteen wouldn't be a very easy thing to do, but thanks to all of your cooperation, though there are times that we couldn't agree on some details, my job as a team leader has been much easier than I had anticipated.”
    —BombyDaCreeper (Team Leader of NEYCFLS_China)

  •     Thanks to Professor Bao-Yi Ren, from Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, for providing us professional help with our chemical experience, and helping us process the Proton NMR and IR scans.

  •     Thanks to Bingzhen Shang (Bill Shaw), our senior now in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for providing us help with the biology and genetics section.

  •     Thanks to Mr. Yi Luo, Mr. Changbai Zhao, from Shenyang Yixin Marketing Planning Ltd. for filming and producing our Promotion Video.

  •     Thanks to Ms. Xu Zhao, from Xuji Culture and Art Co., Ltd, for helping us with the tie-dyeing process and helping us dye our team uniform.

  •     Thanks to Junkai Feng, Tingyu Zhang for putting together our Modeling section and helping calculate all of the complicated data needed for our experiments and HP.

  •     Thanks to Baiming Zhang, for helping explain the science behind the tie-dyeing process that produces wonderful patterns.

  •     Thanks to Zihan Zhou, Ziqi Gao, for helping explain the anti-pathogen mechanisms behind the masks we wear everyday.

  •     Thanks to Yinlin Sha, Yuanchenxi Gao for putting together the entire Chemistry section, including the experimental process and basic information on indigo and other substances we used during our experiments.

  •     Thanks to Hongguang Cao, Victor Sun for putting together the Biology section and working on the parts section.

  •     Special thanks to Suning Hong, who not only helped with the survey data, but also organized and put together the entire Human Practice section, along with distributing work for the HP members. All of which would be impossible for me to accomplish on my own.

  •     Thanks to Yixin Hu for putting together our talks with artisans, and help find problems with the current tie-dyeing process.

  •     Thanks to Muzi Yin for finding information on and comparing all the different methods of producing indigo.

  •     Thanks to Jixuan Liu for organizing the team introduction and helping illustrate the entire tie-dyeing process.

  •     Finally, and most importantly, a huge thank you to Primary Instructor Mrs. Fengyao Wang, for helping us find resources and most importantly, putting together such a wonderful team.