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  •      In order to let the public know more about the importance of masks and the art of Chinese tie-dyeing, we used PPT in the class meeting to popularize this knowledge to classmates. The summary of the two slides are stated below it:

  • The summary of “mask”: ( English version):

  • Tie-dye: Tie-dye technology can be traced back to the Qin and Han dynasties, and was widely used and produced inAccording to the nearly 1,000 questionnaires we sent out, about 56% of the people voluntarily wear masks when they go out every day and about 19% of interviewees wear masks in most of the time, which shows masks have almost become a necessity in people's life.

    Masks can be divided into three main categories: cloth, surgical and protection. During the outbreak, the latter two are more common in people's daily life, which are made by PP and consist of three layers:
    • The outer layer called barrier layer which is made of waterproof non-woven fabric and is able to block the splashing liquid.
    • The inner layer called moisture absorbing layer which can absorb the moisture of the wearer's mouth and nose
    • And the most significant layer-filter layer which is in the middle of the masks and is the cores of the mask, with goof filtering, shielding, heat insulating and oil absorbing.

    The filter layer is the one plays the most important role in preventing bacteria from entering the body and there are four ways for it to achieve that goal:

    • Firstly, interception, which is the way large particles are trapped by scraping against the filter or settle onto it by gravity.
    • Second is Inertial Impaction which is the way when the particle is close to the collector, its action track will start to change direction but due to the inertia, the particle will break away from the airflow and impact the filter fiber according to its original action track, and will be absorbed by molecular gravity.
    • Third is diffusion that let those large particles that follow the cyclone fitness exercise are intercepted by the microporous filtering effect of the mechanical equipment that filters the raw materials.
    • Finally, the melt-blown fabric could be recharged by corona discharge and rely on the electrostatic force appealed directly to the charged particles in the air and to capture it.
    • These bacteria blocking methods can make masks deal with some infectious diseases such as influenza, pneumonia and also the covid-19. The main way of transmission of these diseases is droplet that the patient sneezes, coughs and other ways to let pathogens into the air, which can be inhaled by healthy people and cause illness. Wearing masks can not only prevent patients from spraying pathogens into the air, but also prevent healthy people from inhaling viruses in the air. In addition, masks can also protect people who Have an allergic disease from allergen.

  • The summary of “tie-dye”: ( English version):

  • Chinese tie dye is created in The Eastern Jin Dynasty. However, due to its complexity, it disappeared in the Song Dynasty, and finally reappeared in some places in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and was deeply loved by people, especially the royal family.

    Today, this traditional technique can be found in southern China's Yunnan province, home to one of the ethnic minorities, the Bai people, who are also the main inheritors of tie-dye techniques

    The patterns of tie-dye mainly come from the daily life of the Bai people, the natural scenery of Dali and the animals and plants in the mountains, showing the bai people's long-cherished wish for returning to nature and the symbiosis between human and all things. At the same time, the blue and white colors also reflect the bai people's excellent character of "one clear and two white"

    There are four main steps in the tie-dyeing process. The first step is to bind the prepared cotton cloth with cotton thread. This step determines the pattern of the dyed cloth, because there will be white space where the cotton thread or wood is pressed. Then put the dyed cloth into the dye VAT for dyeing, wait for about two to three minutes to take it out and clean it. After repeated three times, you can carefully remove the tied thread and wash the excess dye on the cloth. After drying the cloth, you can get a cloth with a unique pattern.

    The cloth dyed entirely with vegetable dyes not only does not contain any chemicals harmful to the human body or the environment, but also has a certain sterilization effect. On the other hand, this technology requires a lot of patience and time.

    Nowadays, we can often see this traditional dyeing technique around us, such as various dolls, some cloth shoes, or hanging on the wall as decoration.

    When we make speeches to our peers, we took several pictures:

    Ziqi Gao is introducing the function of masks


    Ziqi Gao is telling the abstract.


    Yinlin Sha is introducing the dying process


    Yinlin Sha is introducing the dying method


    Ziqi Gao is calling upon peers to wear mask everyday


    Ziqi Gao is telling the effectiveness of mask


    Ziqi Gao is introducing covid−19


    Ziqi Gao is explaining the definition.

  • Education Feelings (Yeah!)

  •     During this process, we felt that our communicative and collaborative ability had strongly improved. Also, I think that this is a great ability for us to penetrate into the study of Anti-Virus and as well as E.Coli. I and my team had benefited from this process a lot, because we prepared the speech and rehearsed it repeatedly, fixing problems and making progress through every single rehearsal, and finally we did it!!!

  •     The purpose for us to give this speech is that we want to let more people, including teachers, our fellow classmates, and our families, to know about the magical protective function of indigo and those tie dyeing masks. We sincerely hope that our education speech can give every listener the concept of what we are currently researching and the things that we have been working on lately.

  •     By iGEM 2021 NEYCFLS_China — Yinlin Sha from Chemistry Division

  •     In order to spread awareness of the virus, tell more people about Chinese tie-dye, and give people better understandings of masks, our group created an account on the most influential video website in China, Bilibili ( We recorded a video talking about surgical masks and Chinese tie-dye, and the positive effects of combining these two things—which is our group project’s focus. Our educational video received lots of positive feedback: more than 3000 views and numerous new subscribers. We are very happy to have received such attention regarding our project, and also content that we have helped spread some awareness and information about the world’s current situation and what we, as ordinary people, can do to help.

  •      Check out our video using the link below: