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iGEM 2021 | Miami University


Our educational efforts focused on two main themes. First, we wanted to address the fact that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a controversial topic. There are valid concerns raised about GMO technology, but some concerns are driven by fear and misinformation. Therefore, our goal was to contribute to the creation of factual GMO information resources and interactive discussion to build trust. We aimed to establish a scientifically solid foundation with which our community can approach their own future encounters with and analysis of GMO information.

Second, we wanted to produce accessible education on photosynthesis that extends beyond the oversimplified reactions that are commonly taught. The limits of photosynthesis are becoming a major component of the research into increasing crop yield, so the first step into understanding that research is to understand photosynthetic reactions. Instilling accurate scientific information into the younger generation’s education is key for their ability to address the rising concern of food insecurity in the future.

In total, our education work amounted to three distinct projects:

  • A presentation and discussion on advancing GMO technology at a local older adult care facility.
  • An interactive video and activity materials that introduce elementary aged children to GMOs. This video was distributed throughout our local school district and to the education department of our university’s natural history museum.
  • An article written for the open source scientific journal Frontiers for Young Minds on photosynthesis titled, “How Does Photosynthesis Wake Up?”

More information about these projects, please visit our Education and Human Practices pages.

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Avery Imes presenting for the residents of the Knolls of Oxford in Oxford.

Human Practices

The best way we can show respect to our community is to listen to them. GMOs are a controversial topic, and we do not want to ignore the fears of our community members. Learn more about that here and how we reached out to the community!