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iGEM 2021 | Miami University

Awards & Nominations

Gold Medal Winner

Kiwi standing on oval A Gold medal is awarded to those iGEM teams that have shown excellence in multiple areas beyond that go above and beyond both Silver and Bronze Medals. The Miami University iGEM team was able to do just that!

Learn more about the gold medal and what was needed to meet the criteria at

Best Plant Synthetic Biology Nominee

Kiwi standing on oval The Best Plant Synthetic Biology award is designed to celebrate exemplary work done in plant synthetic biology. Special thanks to the hard work put in by the Miami University iGEM, the CROP project was nominated for Best Plant Synthetic Biology.

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Best Food & Nutrition Project Nominee

Kiwi standing on oval People need to eat. Can biotechnology be responsibly used to produce food or nutritional molecules without causing widespread shortages of either, and without harming the environment that future generations will inherit? The Miami University iGEM team was nominated as an exemplary project that address just that.

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The work done by Miami University's iGEM team was made possible by a team of dedicate and passionate students and advisors from a range of different STEM subject domains! Take a moment to learn more about Miami University's committed team!