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Team Members

Sungwook Lee

2021 team leader
Major: Biotechnology
Personal Interests: biodiversity

Catchphrase: "Be happy"

As it was in 2020, 2021 was an extremely difficult year to work with our members. Due to social distancing policies in South Korea which only permits gatherings under 5 people, we coudn't have a single offline meeting. Due to this difficulty, we struggled a lot in keeping the project running. Actually, it was my first time that I stood up to lead a team of such size, so I was very commited to this project. However, being a leader turned out to be very difficult. Commitment and hard work was not enough. What turns out to be more important is encouraging members to engage in dicussions by creating a friendly environment for communication. But online meetings were just not a suitable for this purpose. It filtered out all the non verbal froms of communication which is crucial in delivering the sense of belonging and welcomness. At the end of the day, I think it was a valuable experience which taught me a lesson on what it takes to be a leader. I'd like to thank the members for trying hard despite the difficult circumstances. And I hope things get better in 2022.

Hyunju Lee

2021 Wet lab team member
Major : Biotechnology
Personal Interests : Bioinformatics

Catchphrase: "Serendipity"

COVID-19 situation made it more difficult to participate in activities all together, but I experienced and experimented with the study of synthetic biology with IGEM, which I had been vaguely thinking of. This made me fun. That's happy enough.

Sumin Kim

2021 Wet lab team member
Major : Biotechnology

I participated in KUAS activities for the first time this year. I've experienced that there are a lot of challenges in doing projects online. There were many things I didn't know as it was my first field of study, but I learned a lot by watching this huge project go on. I am very grateful to the team members and especially the team leader who helped me a lot during the project.

Kyutae Kim

2021 Wet lab team member
2021 Wiki template developer
Major: Information Security
Personal Interests: Robotics

Catchphrase: "Always ready to innovate the world."

Second iGEM! Hope to be offline in next year.

Kwangho Son

2021 dry team member
Major: Biotechnology
parts designer (2021)
Personal Interests: Biochemistry, Protein engineering

This year, our iGEM team has decided to treat frogs' disease as the project theme. As a specific design plan for the subject, AND gate, surface expression system, and light detection system were proposed. This year, I was able to build knowledge of these biological systems by conducting parts design using benchling and matlab-based modeling.
Similar to last year, offline meetings were not easy because there were social distancing restrictions implemented by COVID-19, but I think I was able to have a good experience by working hard on the project while conducting possible activities online.
I have participated in iGEM projects on different topics over the past three years. Each project had a different theme and direction, so I was able to do various kinds of work. I'm sure these wonderful experiences I got from working on the iGEM projects will help me decide what kind of dreams I'll have in the future.

Minkyu Song

2021 dry team member
Major: Biotechnology
Personal Interests: Microbiology, Application of microbes

I joined KUAS in March this year and was unaccustomed to all because it was my first igem. But it was an opportunity to realize my weakness and grow up while participating in the 2021 igem project with my team members, and I had a good experience working with people around the world to solve social problems using synthetic biology. There were many difficulties in conducting the project on the online platform due to COVID-19, which began in December 2019, but we were able to finish 2021 igem project well thanks to all the team members who worked together, the team leader who led KUAS responsibly and the professor who gave many advices. I would like to express my gratitude to all KUAS team members and professors. I think we will be able to do better next year's activities through this year's igem project experience.

Yoojin Choi

2021 dry team member
Major: Environmental Science & Ecological Engineering
Personal Interests: Microbiology, Application of microbes

Catchphrase: "I will be held in high esteem"

I participate in iGEM (KUAS_Korea) following last year. Due to the Covid-19 situation in South Korea, in 2021, the project was conducted entirely online, and there were several difficulties. However, the efforts of the KUAS team members made the project a success. Thank you all.

Kyeongmin Kim

2021 Human Practice team member
Major: Business
Personal Interests: Genetic engineering

Catchphrase: "Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate!"

It was a valuable time to grow further on my own while preparing for iGEM following last year. Looking back on our team's strong passion and efforts, I am proud to be an undergraduate synthetic biologist who contributes to society.

Kyungju Shin

2021 KUAS_KOREA: human practice member, After iGem team leader
Major: life science

Catchphrase: "grind hard, shine hard"

There were many difficulties due to restrictions on meeting team members online, but I was able to think a lot about synthetic biology for two years. Thank you to all the team members and I hope we can prepare hard for the rest of the year and get good results.

Gyuwon Kim

2021 Human Practice team member
Major: Food bioscience & Technology
Personal Interests: Microbiology

Catchphrase: "Focus on Present"

As this is my first participation this year, I am very excited to meet many people who are interested in synthetic biology. We look forward to going offline next year!

Yerin Seo

2021 KUAS_KOREA Wet team member
Major: Life science
Personal Interests: Environmental science

It was a great chance to learn about synthetic biology through iGEM. Although synthetic biology was unfamiliar and difficult for me, I could participate in it thanks to team members.

Yeonjun Lim

2021 KUAS_KOREA Dry lab member
Major: biomedical engineering
Personal Interests: computational brain science, biomedical engineering, immunology, quantum biology, and environmental science.

JunSung Park

2021 KUAS_KOREA Wet team member
Major: Biology
Personal Interests: Synthetic biology, Neuroscience, Ecology etc.

Thank you for all team members.


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