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Leaflet production that does educational role and promotion of communication channel

In order to increase interest in synthetic biology, we have created a leaflet containing the subject of KUAS, an introduction to synthetic biology and biological safety. The reason that the form of the material is leaflet is that it is small and light so people can conveniently carry it and read it, and also we can publish more and distribute it to more people.

We have placed leaflet throughout the school so that it can be viewed by as many students as possible, and we have listed a way to contact KUAS so that many people can also reach us online and share messages. In other words, this leaflet was also used to inform our communication channels. After that, we conducted additional communication such as promoting our topic and holding a webinar through communication channels with these communication channel.

Not only that, by placing them in the various buildings of the school, students from various fields can also read this leaflet. Students such as students who know some biology but not familiar with synthetic biology or students who are not familiar with biology can read this to learn what synthetic biology is and how it is used.

Communication with the public through Instagram

We used 'instagram' as a way to promote the webinar, which was carried out to easily introduce synthetic biology to the public, or to inspire interest in KUAS team project.

On August 8, 2021, we started posting on the topic , emphasizing the dangers of superfungus and the importance of protecting amphibians. Since then, we have been uploading about 3 articles every week. We communicated with the public about the theme of this year's project, such as introducing the conservation efforts of amphibians, and introducing endangered amphibians in addition to panamian golden frogs.

As we actively announced the team project through SNS, even the public who did not know much about synthetic biology showed interest in our activities. We plan to think about and practice how to use SNS in various ways.


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