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Participation in Optogenic Conference by NYCU_Taipei

Optogenic conference 2021-09-19

KUAS_Korea and NYCU_Taipei team held optogenetic conferences twice on September 15, 2021 and October 2, 2021 to share opinions on the topics they are working on and parts they manufacture. The NYCU_Taipei team is developing an effective a thrombosis risk detection system in 2021 iGEM and dealing with gene-engineered probiotics to provide medical care to make timely. Although the direction of the topic is very different from that of KUAS_Korea, they have much in common: both of them uses an optical sensor, and also they seek to develop adhesion proteins that would aid the attachment of the engineered microbes.

The meeting held on September 15 covered the following topics: While we designed a part linking mucus binding protein and OmpA for attachment to the mucous membrane of frog skin, they were developing a surface expression part linked to an adhesin protein to ompA for intestinal attachment. We suggested using the smaller size Truncated OmpA as they were struggling with the large size using the whole OmpA membrane protein. They also proposed single positive induction because the optical sensor is a double negative method. The dimer formation method of their photosensors is similar to the working principle of our chitin-sensing protein, so we could talk a lot about the design process. In addition, we were able to freely share our opinions by conducting Q&A through shared documents.

Collaborations with Yonsei-University iGEM Team

Another iGEM participating team in Korea, Yonsei University, collaborated twice on 7/24 10PM and 8/8 9PM. As the number of Korean teams participating in iGEM with interest in synthetic biology is small, it was a good opportunity to meet and talk with more diverse people who are interested in synthetic biology. Both teams shared their promotion videos, discussed each team's topics and progress and gave feedback each other.

The 3rd collaboration meeting was held on 9/24 at 9PM. During this meeting, the progress of the project was shared. The Yonsei University team said that they are currently focusing on proof of concept, and shared the Spinach Roboswitch design and experimental results. KUAS also shared about the pDAWN light sensor and kill switch design. Also, Yonsei University team is participating in iGEM for the first time this year, for part design, we shared how KUAS completed the safety form, wiki and judging form last year. In addition, based on successful experience of retrying an experiment that failed on the first attempt with sequences ordered from another synthesis service, we have learned to be careful when ordering sequences.


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