Team:KUAS Korea/Attributions


Sungwook Lee

* Proposed the this year's topic
* Led weekly discussions
* Designed Mucus binding proteins & chitin receptors with Kwhango Son.
* Modeled kill switch constructs
* Participated in Dual use webinar, workshop
* Wrote biosafety grant, impact grant proposal
* Interview host of the two interviews

Hyunju Lee

* Participate in planning and producing promotion videos.
* Summary chemical mechanism of tryptophol and explore how to use.
* Participate and present our team in second webinar and several collaborations.
* Plan, conduct and arrange the whole process of experiment.

Sumin Kim

* Participate in planning and producing promotion videos.
* write Frog skin composition, Bd infection process and pathology, kill switch wiki
* produce kill switch presentation
* illustration production
* Organize the contents of igem parts
* Participate in CCP as an after-igem activity

Kyutae Kim

* Participation in iGEM EPIC 2021(Team: Syncorbis Inc.)
* Top 3 in iGEM EPIC APAC
* Promotion Video Edit
* Write Template of Wiki and manage Wiki

Kwangho Son

* Proposed a bio-monitor idea that reacts rapidly according to an changing external signal (input signal, chromoprotein, melanin, protein degradation, etc.)
* Investigated and organized surface expression methods(EstA, OmpT, SPATEs, AIDA-I, Type V secretion system)
* Designed Mucus binding proteins & chitin receptors with Sungwook Lee
* Modeled light induction and IPTG induction constructs

Minkyu Song

* Participated in planning and producing promotion videos.
* Presented our optogenetic system and our dry lab project in several webinars.
* Edited errors of our light induction violacein modeling with Sungwook Lee & Kwangho Son.
* Edited errors of our IPTG induction violacein modeling with Kwangho Son.
* Write Wiki page "Modeling_Light induction model & IPTG induction model"

Yoojin Choi

* Introduce iGEM and Kuas_Korea to new members
* Participate in ideation & research
* Write Wiki page 'Design'

Yeonjun Lim

* Proposal of idea on kill switch using amphibian epifluorescence protein
* KUAS Webinar presentation
* Research and summary of the mechanism and chemical properties of antimicrobial substances (Violacein)
* Pathogen (Chitin) Detecting System related literature research and diagram
* Participation in Korea University CCP research program

Kyeongmin Kim

* Lead weekly human practice team meeting
* Lead leaflet production for project promotion
* Conduct regular KUAS card news posting on official SNS
* Managing interviews and collaborations with other teams
* Managing KUAS webinar program via zoom

Kyungju Shin

* leaflet production for project promotion
* presented our team project in webinars
* led after igem project
* managed instagram for project promotion

Gyuwon Kim

* Participating in production of promotion video, presentation video
* Production of various promotional materials
* Interview planning and conduct
* Managing KUAS instagram
* Production of Human Practice wiki

Yerin Seo

* prepared ppt for Mubs
* planned promotion video

Junsung Park

* read articles on amphibian MHC2
* promotion video preparation
* looked for mucus, keratin binding proteins
* searched mucus phylogeny

Sera Kang(Instructor)

*Conducted the wet lab experiments

Xiao Yue(Instructor)

*Conducted the wet lab experiments


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