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The rising seriousness of vitamin D deficiency led us to implement our solutions into the easy-to-use fermentation kit and the recipe to solve the issue.
Our team created the fermentation jars and various accessories by utilizing fusion 360, a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. The 4 jars are designed into various sizes, with heights ranging from 13 to 20 centimeters, and radius ranging from 5 to 7 centimeters; we give the option for customers to choose between soda-lime glass jars (for pickled goods) and stainless steel jars (for yogurt and other goods). This allows the users to choose specific jar sizes and material for the specific foods they want to make. Our fermentation kit also includes a pounding tool, a waterless airlock top, and most importantly, our specialized fermentation starter. By adding the food ingredients with the fermentation starter into the fermentation jars, the food would process through proper fermentation and our engineered probiotics will proliferate along with various other species of bacteria.
*Fig.1 Designs on Fusion 360
One of the four jars contains an airlock top, creating an anaerobic fermentation environment for the starter, while the other three jars have twist-on caps (Fig. 1). Our kit also includes recipe books that aid customers in their fermentation process, allowing them to make D-licious fermented foods with ease. The recipe books contain information on ingredients as well as clear instructions that cover in detail how to make different fermented foods. Renders of our recipe books can be found below:
*Excerpts from the D-licious Recipe
All the equipment within the fermentation kit is reusable, and the materials are up to regulation standards and safe to to use. Our team combined all the advantages of a fermentation kit with the rising popularity of e-commerce, hoping to solve the problem of vitamin D deficiency and provide a better solution to vitamin D deficiency for people all around the world.

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