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With the goal of creating a long-term solution to the problem of vitamin D deficiency, we created D-licious, a fermentation kit that allows our customers to make fermented foods at home with a specialized fermented food starter. Our kit includes a jar, pounding tool/tamper, waterless airlock tops, glass weights, recipe books (optional) and powdered fermentation starter which includes our probiotics. The waterless airlock tops are used to prevent air from entering the jar, ensuring that the fermentation occurs under an anaerobic environment. Moreover, the airlock releases the CO2 produced during fermentation and the glass weight helps hold foods in place during fermentation. With our included recipes, customers can ferment food through simple steps.
For our marketing plan, we researched similar products and analyzed the current market. What are the necessary steps we need to take in order to commercialize our products? What sets our product apart from the competition? After researching the current market, incorporating our product onto an e-commerce platform seems to be the best choice.
To promote our product, we plan to utilize social media and online advertisements; the details of the product will be posted on our Instagram account and on our online website/e-commerce platform. ​In the early stages of commercialization, we will primarily focus on Taiwanese consumers, because we are based in Taiwan and there exists a large population of Taiwanese people who would benefit from our product. Researchers have found that 66% of Taiwanese people have insufficient serum vitamin D levels and only 2% have sufficient vitamin D. Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor activities significantly dropped, opening up an opportunity for our product to serve as an alternative source of vitamin D intake. Out of 1,355 survey respondents, 46% responded that in the two weeks prior to their response, they spent less than one day outdoors in two weeks. Recognizing this issue, we decided to make shopping more convenient and accessible for our customers.
For more details on our marketing plan click here.
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