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Heart and Vitamin D
In the history of mankind, vitamin D
has always served a crucial role
in the maintenance of human health.

Besides regulating calcium homeostasis
and strengthening the immune system
it also has potential in
preventing COVID-19 infections.
The Problem
Vitamin D deficiency, a global pandemic caused largely by the lack of sunlight exposure, exacerbated during COVID-19 lockdowns.

However, all current solutions to vitamin D deficiency present limitations in efficiency or accessibility.

Due to these limitations, we came up with an innovative idea that presents a new method for vitamin D activation .
Man in the Dark
Plasmid Transformation Butyrate Production
By manipulating the acetyl-CoA
butyrate producing pathway, we can
increase the butyrate-producing
ability of probiotics.

The increased production of butyrate
would upregulate vitamin D receptor
by increasing the activity
of the TGFβ pathway, which would
ultimately result in a more
efficient activation of vitamin D.

By introducing our engineered
fermented food starters,
we believe the project could
be implemented into daily diets,
opening up more opportunities
for a more efficient way
of vitamin D intake in the future.
total population are
vitamin D insufficient
in 2020 (global)
data circle
+1 Billion
cases are vitamin D
deficient in 2020
data circle

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