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We made various presentations to educate the public on topics related to Vitamin D as well as information regarding our project. There are 3 versions total: advanced, general, and Chinese. These different versions were created for specific audiences in mind, including people of different scientific backgrounds and those who speak different languages. The advanced version provides a detailed explanation of vitamin D, including background information on its functions as well as treatment for deficiency. We also included a section about our project with information about our targeted genes, pathways, protein, as well as a more detailed explanation of our synbio solution. The general version is for people younger in age with content that is less complex and scientific. Chinese versions are made for both the advanced and the general presentations. The purpose of our presentation is to educate the public on the basics of vitamins, more specifically vitamin D, in order to create a basis to introduce an alternative solution to vitamin D deficiency, which is our product “D-licious”.
Our public opinion survey indicates that most people are not aware of vitamin D deficiency. 1055 out of the 1355 people who responded indicated that they don’t usually pay attention to their daily vitamin D intake. Furthermore, most survey respondents also indicated that they had little to no knowledge about the symptoms and health effects of vitamin D deficiency. This phenomenon proves the importance of our public education presentation. By educating the public on the basics of vitamin and deficiency, we not only raised awareness for this often overlooked disease, but also proved our product to be essential for the community.
Education Through Social Media
To promote wellness and a healthier lifestyle, we employed the use of our official Instagram account (@kcis_igem) to post applicable knowledge about vitamins and health. Veering away from mundane knowledge present in textbooks, we included fun facts and puns to make the information even more engaging and memorable; complex information was rewritten with simple words and phrases, to help people understand with ease. Not only does this reach a broader audience, but it also helps us advertise our product in a healthy and efficient way.
*Fig 1.& Fig 2. Vitamin A Educational Post on Instagram
To put our public education presentations into practice, we gave online presentations at different schools and educational organizations in Taiwan. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the recent rise in cases, we had to give the majority of our presentations online. Therefore, raising awareness for vitamin D deficiency is extremely essential during the pandemic, because of the lack of sunlight and access to vitamin D-containing food.
We translated theirs to Mandarin while they translated ours to Japanese. The pamphlets were then distributed to our respective communities. Check out the collaborations page for more details!
Educating the Community
We held education presentations in order to emphasize the importance of vitamin D and improve community awareness of the issue of vitamin D deficiency. After reaching different groups of audiences, we feel that we have an influence on the audience since they do not seem to have a lot of knowledge about the problem of vitamin D deficiency. Showing that we have properly educated them to learn more about it and become more aware of the issue.

Elementary Schools
Since most elementary students do not have the ability or knowledge to understand the science of vitamin D and its deficiency, we focus more on teaching them the knowledge that can be applied to their daily life, for example, foods that have a significant amount of vitamin D.
Yong An (永安) Elementary School 9/16
Yong An (永安) Elementary School is a public school located in Taipei, Taiwan. Through Google Meet, we got a chance to talk to the 6 graders about Vitamin D using our Chinese presentation during their morning self-study session. The teacher wanted the students to learn some English vocabulary, so we also incorporated some English into our presentation.
Junior-High & Parents
Most of the junior-high-students and parents have the basic science background to understand the science, so we added extra science information into this presentation. This helps them adopt a more solid base knowledge of vitamin D.
G8 Students and Parents 9/23
We got a chance to educate a group of grade 8 students and their parents at a cram school. Through Google Meet, we taught both the students and the parents about Vitamin D using the general & Chinese version presentations. Moreover, we also introduce iGEM to them, encouraging them to join next year’s competition.
Having solid biology understanding, high-school students are the most likely to comprehend scientific information. Thus, we build onto the simplified version by adding more explanation of our project. For example, how increasing butyrate can enhance the number of vitamin receptors. Through this presentation we want students to learn how essential vitamin D is to human health, and gain trust in our project.
Kang Chiao International School Xiugang Campus 9/1
Kang Chiao International School Xiugang Campus is located at Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan. Since one of our members is a student at this school, we got a chance to do our education in person, presenting the advanced version presentation to a class of 12 graders.
Kang Chiao International School LinKou Campus 9/24
This is the same school as the one above but a different campus, located at LinKou, New Taipei, Taiwan. One of our members is from this school, so we decided to do an in-person education with a class of 11 graders.
Wego International School 9/30
Located in Beitou, Taipei, Taiwan, Wego International School gave us a chance to educate their students.

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