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Basic Parts

The parts created and added are as follows:

Basic Parts

Part number Part name Type
BBa_K3799000 EiCsm6, a CRISPR system endoribonuclease Coding
BBa_K3799002 Bovine pancreatic DNase I,serum endonuclease of Bos taurus Coding
BBa_K3799004 Nisin PV, A synthetic antimicrobial peptide Coding
BBa_K3799019 Lysis E7 Coding
BBa_K3799026 Type III-A CRISPR-Cas effector ribonuclease---Csm6 Coding
BBa_K3799027 Type III-A CRISPR-Cas effector ribonuclease - Csm6 with Histag and TEV cut site Coding
Composite Parts

Composite Parts

Part number Part name Type
BBa_K3799001 EiCsm6 under IPTG inducible promoter with double terminator Composite
BBa_K3799003 Dnase I with promoter(R0010) , RBS(B0034), Terminator(B0015) Composite
BBa_K3799006 R0010(plac promoter)+I746001(AIP generator - agrB + agrD with RBSes and terminator) Composite
BBa_K3799007 Unidirectional model of AIP-1 sensor of S aureus regulating GFP intensity using P2 promoter Composite
BBa_K3799010 AIP-1 sensor of S.aureus under pBAD promoter Composite
BBa_K3799021 Unidirectional whole circuit Composite
BBa_K3799034 pBAD strong Promoter with I746100 (AIP sensor infrastructure - agrC + agrA with RBSes) + B0015 (Term Composite
BBa_K3799029 Bi-Directional AIP 1 reporter Reporter
BBa_K3799057 Bidirectional AIP sensor Reporter
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