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The Dry-Lab component of our project focused on integrating the different levels of interactions that occur throughout the span of our project; across different length and time scales. We, therefore, propose a multi-scale model with the following objectives insight:

  • Linking together different length and time scales involved in the project, from the molecular level interaction to dynamics of geographic populations.
  • Validating aspects of the wet-lab component, specifically the efficacy of Nisin PV.
  • Understanding the regulation of the genes involved

We modelled systems at 4 different levels of organisation:

  1. Molecular-level (Molecular dynamics)
  2. Tissue level (Regulation of genetic circuit)
  3. Organism level (Biofilm degradation)
  4. Population level (Epidemiology modelling)

Molecular dynamics enabled us to establish parameters such as diffusion coefficient and comparative rate of degradation of NisinA nd Nisin PV along with valuable insights about the interaction of these bactericides, which were used in the model for biofilm degradation and regulation of gene circuit. By virtue of this, we were able to link the molecular-level interactions with the tissue and organism level interaction and thereby complete the chain

We were able to predict an optimum dosage for the administration of our therapeutic GMO by coupling the biofilm degradation model (rate of degradation of biofilm) and the genetic crust mode (rate of production of biocides). We compared the population dynamics and epidemiology of Bovine mastitis with and without administration of optimum therapeutic. This enabled us to link the tissue and organism level interactions to the population level and complete the chain.

We also devised a model for testing for bovine mastitis in cattle and hereby linked our mathematic model to human practices.

All data and code relating to the modelling aspect have been uploaded to our Github repository.

The links of all the levels of our model are given below.

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