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Our Project naMOOste could be completed by the concerted effort of many people from both our team and outside. Everyone’s valuable advice and guidance helped us throughout our iGEM Journey and have been instrumental in building our project at different stages. We express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their help and support.

Principal Investigators

Dr Supratim Datta

Dr Supratim Datta is our primary PI and has supported us by ensuring smooth proceedings of all official work with iGEM Headquarters and IISER Kolkata. He has guided and advised us in our project design in brainstorming sessions, from time to time.

Dr Amirul Islam Mallick

Dr Amirul Islam Mallick is our secondary PI and has guided us immensely to ensure that we build a safe project and also advised us in designing our project and planning our wetlab experiments. He also played a very important role to help us obtain permissions for our Human Practices survey work.

Dr Dipjyoti Das

Dr Dipjyoti Das supervised and guided our math modelling team to build the mathematical models. His advice has helped us to quantify and substantiate our bio model.

Team Members

Debdeep Chatterjee

Debdeep Chatterjee is the co-team leader and has actively worked to ensure that our team meets our deadlines while working. He has contributed immensely to design the genetic circuit of our project and conduct all experiments in the wetlab and help and guide other team members. He has supported the whole team throughout by managing all the official paperwork.

Lakshmi Prakash

Lakshmi Prakash is also our co-team leader and has worked alongside Debdeep and maintained peace and harmony in our team. She was closely involved in designing, planning and performing wet lab experiments and has guided other team members in wet lab throughout. She was also a part of the collaboration meetings of our team.

Mahapatra Anshuman Jaysingh

Mahapatra Anshuman Jaysingh is the leader of the dry lab team. He has worked to build mathematical models for our project and also provided inputs to the biomodelling team from time to time. He was actively involved in partnering with iGEM Team Tübingen and iGEM Team UCSC. He has been specifically involved in the molecular modelling and aspects of the drylab component and modelling of the biofilm regulation.

Shreyash Borkar

Shreyash Borkar is a member of the biomodelling and human practices team. He has created our team promotional video, given voiceover to the Hindi version of the video and was involved in graphic designing. He mainly took the responsibility to ensure that our project is an inclusive one, conducted on-site human practices surveys, created the children’s book and also participated in several collaborative meetings. He specifically did biofilm assay, cloning of AgrBD system and Improvement part of our project in the wetlab.

Shubhamay Das

Shubhamay Das is a member of both the biomodelling and drylab team. He was extremely active in the wet lab - performed biofilm assay, cloned unidirectional and bidirectional genetic circuits of our project and was also involved in the performing experiments for improvement part of our project along with Shreyash and Debdeep. He advised the detection part of our project. He was also involved in designing, ordering wet lab requirements, adding to parts registry and helped in a survey. He was mainly involved in the biomodelling part of partnering with iGEM Team UCSC.

Soumi Bhattacharyya

Soumi Bhattacharyya is a member of the biomodelling team and leader of the Human Practices team. She was instrumental in managing the HP related work of our team and collaborations, helped in surveys, did graphic designing and designed the website. In the wet lab, she performed the biofilm assay and cloned the bidirectional circuit of our project. She was actively involved in building and designing the detection part of our project.

Debshruti Biswas

Debshruti Biswas is a member of the biomodelling team and human practices team. She was involved in conducting interviews, writing the children’s book, collaborating with other teams and providing valuable inputs in many other human practices work. In the wet lab, she cloned the AgrBD system and performed the biofilm assay and proposed very important changes in our genetic circuit. She responsibly maintained the laboratory notebook and worked to create the presentation video.

Sourin Chatterjee

Sourin Chatterjee is a member of the dry lab, human practices and wet lab team. He has developed mathematical models, performed the biofilm assay, cloned DnaseI with Lakshmi, did DnaseI assay along with Lakshmi and conducted most of the on-site surveys and interviews. He was involved in the Bengali voiceover of the promotional video.He has actively worked for many human practices work and was primarily responsible for the entrepreneurship section of our project. He also participated in the collaborations and partnering with iGEM Team Tübingen and iGEM Team UCSC by helping them in building their math models.

Adrija Adhikary

Adrija Adhikary is a member of the bio modelling team and human practices team. She was heavily involved in brainstorming and designing the detection part of our project, performing biofilm assay, cloned DnaseI. She was involved in the English voiceover of the promotional video. In the human practices section, she was involved in graphic designing of children’s book and graphical abstracts of the wiki, conducting interviews, and other HP work and also took part in the collaborations.

Udit Ghosh

Udit Ghosh is a member of both the biomodelling team and human practices team. He performed biofilm assay, cloning of AgrBD system, cloning of DnaseI and designing of DNaseI assay in the wet lab. In the human practices section, he was instrumental in conducting and documenting interviews, participating in collaborations, creating our presentation video, writing the children’s book and other HP related work.

Abeg Dutta

Abeg Dutta is a member of the biomodelling team and human practices team. He has performed biofilm assay and was involved in the designing of the DnaseI assay in the wet lab. He was involved in writing blogs, conducting interviews and documenting them and other work related to human practices. He also documented our educational outreach related work in our wiki.

Nivedaa Dhandapani

D Nivedaa is a member of the dry lab and human practices team. She was instrumental in developing mathematical models involving biofilm degradation and the regulation kinetics of our gene circuit in the drylab component. In human practices, she has contributed to science communication specifically by writing blogs and biological excerpts.


It is difficult to acknowledge individual contributions of each team member as all the members of the team have worked together with full team spirit and helped each other out to the best of their ability in all situations and problems. At the end of our work in iGEM, all the team members gave their best effort to write the wiki pages of our project.

Website Designers

Pedisetti Venkatesh & Abhiroop Chauhan have been a main support being the web-designers, helping us document our work in our wiki. Without their efforts, it would not have been possible to communicate our research to everyone through our iGEM Wiki.


Mani Gupta, Praveen Nath, Diptatanu Das, Pinaki Chanda, Dwaipayan Dubey were all our official advisors and were our pillars to help us accomplish our project. They were intricately involved in our brainstorming sessions and helped us troubleshoot our biomodel, wet lab problems, dry lab issues throughout the project. They guided us through many official procedures required to participate in iGEM.


iGEM Tubingen & iGEM UCSC 2021 teams have been a huge support to us by helping us extensively in accomplishing the wet lab and dry lab sections of our project. We are extremely grateful to them for working with us and we enjoyed partnering with both the teams a lot.


Our team in collaboration with the iGEM Team of IISER Tirupati had successfully organized the event of Gene Gala - a 5 day mini-summer camp on synthetic biology and its applications with female high school students. The participating students were from the schools under the Directorate of Education, Delhi. The whole event was conducted by effective contribution from both the teams. The 5-day presentation slides were designed and created by the IISER Kolkata team with relevant suggestions from IISER Tirupati team members. The content delivered and activities conducted in the workshop are products of effort from both teams. The day-wise handbook, quizzes, and the workshop plan document for reference of each day’s content that was provided to the students were created by iGEM IISER Tirupati team members with relevant suggestions from our team.

We had collaborated with iGEM Crete for developing their Braille repository, iGEM CCU Taiwan to translate their children’s book, iGEM Guelph to distribute our educational materials, iGEM NTU Singapore to help in their interviews, iGEM Go-ParisSaclay who helped us in performing one of our experiments. We participated in iGEM Global CRISPR Conference organized by iGEM IISER Berhampur.

Our Support System

Dr Sourav Pal has been very encouraging in ensuring that the team and the project does not fall short of any resources required for a successful representation of the institute at iGEM 2021 even in the situation of COVID19 pandemic. We are highly obliged to Dr. Pal for his constant support and encouragement and providing us with laboratory access.

Dr Sayam Sen Gupta has supported us immensely to propose a full-proof plan for the development of CRISPR responsive micropad and RNA hydrogel based diagnostic kit. He has also been extremely helpful to help us contact important people to consult regarding entrepreneurship and obtaining patency on our product.

Dr Tapas Kumar Sengupta was a huge support to the whole iGEM Team from the very beginning of our journey. He had been instrumental in the formation of the team and also gave a lot of advice regarding biomodel and wet lab experiments which helped us shape our project. He was also generous enough to provide us with Pseudomonas aeruginosa from his lab to conduct our Biofilm-DnaseI assay experiments.

Dr Malancha Ta helped us in screening our survey and interview questions to conduct logical and meaningful surveys. She was a part of the Institutional Ethics Committee who approved our survey and interview questions.

Dr G. Lekha trained us regarding laboratory safety protocols and constantly guided us through protocols and laboratory procedures.

Abinash Padhy helped us immensely by advising us on how to synthesize RNA hydrogel for the micropad of our detection kit. We brainstormed together to propose a RNA hydrogel synthesis process.

Lab Space

Department of Biological Sciences, IISER Kolkata provided us with labspace and scientific equipment to help us complete our project.

Dr Supratim Datta’s Lab provided us with laboratory equipment and storage spaces.

External Support

Dr Souvik Maity, Dr Indranil Samanta, Dr Kunal Batabyal, Dr Amal Roy, Dr Sujit Das, Dr Peter Edmundson, Dr N.C. Patra, Dr Basudev Sil, Music Club & Literary Club of IISER Kolkata for collaborating with us to effectively communicate science through cultural events.

iGEM I&D Committee who provided valuable feedback to our Disabled in STEM survey form.

Institutional Ethics Committee to approve our interview and surveys.

IISER Kolkata Institutional Biosafety Committee to guide us regarding the safety of our project.

E-cell of IISER Kolkata for helping us developing the business model of our project

ASPIC Club of Yuvaraja College for collaborating with us to make podcasts on antibiotic resistance.

Suvam Mukherjee for advising us regarding lab safety protocols.

Reetwikraj Das for guidance in creating animations for our promotional video.

Mayur Borkar for guidance in creating animations for our promotional video.

Shireen Sultana for guidance to make this project inclusive.

Swarnandu Roy for guidance and assistance in performing GFP assay.

Trippy blob for completing presentation video

Anantu S for helping in audio video alignment in Malayalam version of promotional video.

Nandhita N for giving Malayalam voiceover for our promotional video.


New England Biolabs for sponsoring reagents and kits

Promega for sponsoring reagents and kits

Twist Bioscience for providing free customised gene fragments

IDT for supplying free customised gene fragments

iGEM & Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation for supporting us with the impact grant fund.

IISER Kolkata for funding us with the iGEM 2021.

Everyone who generously donated in Ketto fundraiser - crowdfunding platform.

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