Team:CCU Taiwan/Partnership


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Let the Partnership Begin 7/3

During the Taiwan iGEM Team Conference, we partnered up with the NCKU_Tainan team. Thereafter, both teams keep active communication and discussion on future collaboration, entrepreneurship, and other aspects.

DeStressiGEM Challenge

NCKU_Tainan’s project–MenTAUR–is working on mental health topics this year. During the COVD-19 pandemic era, mental-health-related topics are worth more attention and exploration. As we all agreed mental health is a critical aspect of life, we partook in the DeStressiGEM Challenge as a reminder for us to reflect on our stress levels during the hectic iGEM months.

iASK Symposium 8/23

Both of our team wishing to make contributions to current participating teams, through months of communication, planning, and task delegations, on August 23rd, the iASK Symposium has impacted several iGEM teams.

We invited Dr. Janie Brennan & Sir Patrick Wu from the iGEM Judging Program Committee to answer commonly asked questions and provide some tips on what judges think are the most important to success. Also, 2019 Grand Prize Winner Sabrina Yeo–team leader of NCKU_Tainan to share how they succeeded in their previous iGEM experience. Aiming to provide some insights to bring the iGEM project to the next level. Several teams reached out to us, unable to participate due to time accommodation, we have recorded the whole symposium for their reference. (click here for full video)

Entrepreneurship Aspect

Although NCKU_Tainan and our team are working on different topics this year, we were fully aware of the importance of understanding the market need when designing a synbio product.

Both of our teams kept dynamic interaction throughout the competition, we had several meetings on exchanging insights of writing the business plans, how to conduct market analysis, and discussed Taiwanese regulations and restrictions which helped both teams’ business plans more accomplished and yielded better perceptions of the Taiwanese market for the future business venture.

TWBIO Visit 9/7

NCKU_Tainan invited our team to a biotech company–TWBIO–visit. During the visit, we had the great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the biotech manufacturing plant, how the company conducts business and some of the company's ongoing projects. Presenting our project to Dr. Lance–the company CEO of TWBIO, he provided some insights, feedback, and suggestions; through this fruitful visit, both teams also had a dynamic discussion on each other’s projects and future execution plans.

Through this partnership, not only did both teams constantly exchange insights on each other’s project, but also established precious friendships.